Do It Yourself: Plan a DIY Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

DIY Wedding Reception in MassachusettsLife is not like the movies. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional wedding planner or host their reception in a mansion. Most couples rely on the help and support of family and friends for everything from choosing a reception menu to putting up decorations for a Massachusetts wedding reception. If you are taking the DIY (do it yourself) route with your wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure to take a look at these helpful tips that will ensure you don’t forget anything important. The people that you choose for your wedding party in New England should also be willing to help out with all of the finer details required to pull off your special day. Make sure to show them your appreciation by hosting a couple of gatherings during the planning phase to make sure everyone is on the same page, and one final time right before the wedding.

There’s an App for That!

Seriously, there are a ton of great apps that you can use to help with organization, planning, keeping track of appointments, and making lists. Wedding-specific apps are great, but think outside the box and look at other options that might assist you with tasks that you need to complete. If you aren’t tech-savvy or prefer to have something on paper and in-hand, consider creating a 3-ring binder for wedding planning and keep it with you at all times. Even if you DO choose to use an app for planning your Massachusetts wedding reception, make sure to keep a folder for all of those receipts and contracts so you’ll have them readily available when you need them.

Start With the Venue

The most important hurdle that you need to jump when making plans for a wedding reception in Milford, MA is to select and secure the venue. This is especially true if you want a springtime or summertime wedding, which is at the heart of “wedding season” in the northeastern region. While there are plenty of autumn and winter brides out there, the majority of couples prefer fair weather for outdoor ceremonies, photos, and spillover from the wedding party in New England. So once you find the best venue for your wedding, make sure to lock it in as soon as possible.

Consider a Consultant

If you don’t have the funds to invest in a full-time wedding planner for your event, consider hiring a consultant on a part-time basis to assist you with specific tasks. Finding and retaining the best vendors, negotiating discounts and gaining access to professional businesses – these are just some of the advantages associated with hiring an experienced consultant. If you are well versed in hiring vendors and already know who you are going to work with, a consultant might be helpful in establishing a schedule for your wedding day or coordinating the wedding party and activities on the day of your Massachusetts wedding reception.

Create a Budget

Before you get too far into the process of planning a wedding reception in Milford, MA make sure that you have a budget. This will help you know how much you have to spend and what extras you can afford. One of the most essential jobs of a professional wedding planner is making sure you maximize your budget to get the most out of your plans. This includes everything from the decorations to the venue, the attire for your wedding party in New England, and even choosing a reception menu at the reception hall. Search online for sample budgets to get an idea of everything you will need to include.

Work Out the Guest List

This can be one of the biggest challenges in planning a Massachusetts wedding reception on your own. Of course you want to invite your closest family and friends, but what about neighbors, co-workers, and other acquaintances? You and your spouse-to-be need to sit down and write out a preliminary guest list. Then, you should go over your lists with your parents to make sure you didn’t miss anyone important. Finally, invite your best man and maid of honor over to go through the list with you a third time to ensure you didn’t forget friends that might feel slighted if they don’t receive an invite. The cost for your wedding will depend greatly on the number of people invited to the wedding reception in Milford, MA so choose wisely.

Schedule a Tour of The Crystal Room

The best way to determine your course of action going forward with plans for a wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts is to find the venue where it will take place. While some couples choose to host the ceremony at a family religious center or park and then plan the reception at a professional venue, others may decide to host both events at one place. Discuss your ideas and needs with our on-site event coordinator who can walk you through the options for our Custom Wedding Package. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of the venue, discuss possible date options, or to speak with a representative.