Engagement Season: Plan a Winter Wedding Reception in Milford

If you are recently engaged – congratulations! Many couples begin to start planning their wedding day a year or more in advance, so if you got engaged this fall or winter, it’s time to start thinking about where to host your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, MA. Spring and summer weddings are quite popular in the New England region, so if you are looking for an alternative season for your special day, consider planning a winter wedding. There are many options available for decorative themes and seasonal wedding colors, plus if you start planning now, you will be able to have your pick of dates for next year.

Choosing to host a Milford wedding reception in the winter is not without its challenges. While your ceremony and wedding reception activities will all be decidedly indoors due to the temperature and weather conditions, there are still other things that you will want to make sure to include in your plans beyond the basic list of vendors, decorations and favors. Whether you are hosting a small wedding for just family and friends or if you are planning on a huge guest list for your celebration, The Crystal Room has all the space, parking and amenities you could ever want to include in your special day.

Tip #1 – Think “Warm”
When you start making plans for the attire that will be worn by the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as the flower girl, ring bearer and the rest of the wedding party, it pays to think warm thoughts. Accessories can help to keep everyone warm when outdoors, while taking photos or just moving inside from the ceremony to the wedding reception in Milford, MA. Tights can be worn under dresses and no one will ever know. Consider long sleeve wedding dresses in with other classic styles, faux furs for the bridesmaids and warm suits for the guys.

Tip #2 – Moisturize
Not a typical tip that you see for planning wedding reception activities and decor, but in the winter it pays to think about moisturizing every chance you can get. Chapped lips, dry skin and flaky scalps are not what you want to remember from this day – or see in your photos. Consider including lip balm and moisturizers with your bridesmaids gifts and treat your girls to a trip to the spa for moisturizing treatments a week or two before the wedding.

Tip #3 – Sparkle & Shine
One of the more popular choices in accessories, bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and decor is to add a bit of sparkle and shine through the use of sequins, glitter and other materials. Be careful not to overdo it. Coordinate your efforts for your Milford wedding reception with your seasonal wedding colors. A bit of sparkle and shine will enhance just about any winter color combination, including traditional black-and-white, blue-and-silver, silver-and-gold, evergreen-and-black, and cranberry-and-gold.

Tip #4 – Pad the Schedule
When making plans for the transportation between your ceremony and the wedding reception in Milford, MA, allow for extra travel time in case of snow and ice. For example, instead of giving 20 minutes, give 30 or 40 minutes to get from the church to the reception hall. Consider hosting both the ceremony and the wedding reception activities at the same site to eliminate concerns about travel during inclement weather.

Tip #5 – Lighting
Regardless of the season, the lighting for your Milford wedding reception will be very important for setting the mood. In the winter, consider using candles or LED candles to add a bit of flicker and romance. Use all white holiday lights or rope lighting to add a bit more glow to the existing lighting at the venue. Work with the on-site event coordinator to increase the ambiance with professional uplighting, special monogram lighting on the dance floor and other options available at the facility.

Tip #6 – Seasonal Wedding Colors
When planning a wedding that has a seasonal theme, make sure to choose decorations and accent colors that go with the season. Popular wedding colors in winter include black, gold, white, cranberry, burgundy, berry red, evergreen and even a tartan plaid. Accent with silver, gold, white, black and use seasonal flowers as well along with a bit of natural greenery in centerpieces, bouquets and flowers for the wedding party. You don’t have to go with a red-and-green Christmas theme, but you can choose one of the holiday colors if you are having a wedding in December.

Tip #7 – Plan Ahead
Start working with you local Milford wedding reception venue as soon as possible to choose a date for your wedding so you can get the date you desire. While some couples plan short-term engagements, the standard is still a year. So if you got engaged this holiday season like many brides to-be, and you want to have a winter wedding next year, you will want to get started right away. This will give you plenty of time to choose seasonal wedding colors, make arrangements with vendors, select a menu, plan wedding reception activities, and find the perfect dress for you and your bridesmaids.

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