Fancy Reception Staging Ideas: Classic MA Wedding on a Budget

fancy-wedding-ideasWhat little girl doesn’t grow up and want to have a fancy wedding and a classic wedding reception, complete with a gorgeous cake, a memorable first dance and a beautiful place to do it all in? Even if you are on a budget, it is possible to stage a gorgeous wedding reception in Milford, MA. It just takes some planning, a little creativity and it all starts with finding the right location for your wedding reception. Once you have the venue picked out and lock down a date, you can start incorporating ideas, tips and details that will help you plan the wedding and wedding reception of your dreams!

Make Your Lists – Check Them Twice!
The best way to plan a beautiful wedding party in New England is to start by creating lists. The sooner you can nail down what is most important – and what isn’t – the easier it will be to make decision together when planning your special day. Begin with making a guest list. Who do you want to attend your wedding and who do you want at the reception? Sometimes couples choose to have a small, intimate ceremony and then throw a larger, more classic wedding reception. Make out your guest list as soon as possible – including the bride, groom, wedding party and parents – so you can have an accurate figure for the venue and vendors.

The next list you need to make is a two-part list. On one half of the page, write “Have to Have” and on the other half of the page, write “Nice to Have.” The “Have to Have” list is all of the things that you really really want to have at your wedding reception, whereas the “Nice to Have” list will contain things that you want to have, but could live without if your budget doesn’t allow for it to happen. Some of the items that you will want to include and discuss for this two-part list include:

  • food and beverage options
  • the wedding cake and service
  • band / DJ / music / dancing
  • wedding reception activities
  • theme and decorations
  • photographer or videographer
  • wedding gown and wedding party clothes

Once you finish your list, you can then start planning the rest of your wedding reception in Milford, MA and choose all of the fancy reception staging ideas that you want to include. A theme or color scheme can help you with the decorations, cake selection and other related items. The more you and your fiance communicate with each other about the things you want to include, the more likely it will be that everyone will get what they want on their special day.

Take Advantage of Event Planners
Even if you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner, ask the venue where you are hosting your wedding party in New England if they have event planning assistance. The Crystal Room is a well-appointed reception venue in Southeastern Massachusetts that provides the use of an on-site event planner to help couples plan a beautiful and classic wedding reception at their facility. Event planners can provide you with tips and ideas for things you might not have even considered and help you with vendors, such as caterers, DJs, florists and more.

Planning a wedding reception can be a huge undertaking. Any free help that is offered or that is available as part of a package for the venue you have selected for your wedding reception in Milford, MA should be accepted gladly. Even if you have parents or members of the wedding party helping out, it is always good to have someone else – especially someone who works in the industry and with the venue – working on your side. They can refer you to local bakers and set you up with tastings for wedding cake, hook you up with local bands and even make suggestions about decorative options that will help you with your fancy reception staging ideas for your big celebration.

Keep It Simple: It Really Is the Best Idea
One of the best tips for couples who want to plan a classic wedding reception is to keep it simple. The more themes, tips, decorative options and extras you add, the more it will detract from the beautiful mood and natural decor of the venue that you have chosen. Speak with the event planner at the venue about uplighting, mood lighting and other decorations that are available to be used as a part of your package – or that are available a la carte. You want to choose decorative pieces that complement the facility, not detract away from it.

To find out more about The Crystal Room for your wedding party in New England, give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our experienced event planners. We can help you find out if the venue is open for your special day or schedule a tour of our facility. Give us a call today and find out why The Crystal Room is the premiere venue for your fancy wedding reception in Milford, MA.