Framingham Wedding Planner Tips: Choosing the Perfect Colors

A lot of people think that all you need to do to choose the best colors for an elegant wedding reception is to pick your two favorite colors and start working them into the decoration details. The truth is that some colors don’t work well with classic wedding design and some colors just don’t work well together. Pick up a wedding magazine, and you will see lots of articles about trendy colors and this year’s hot seasonal wedding colors – it can all become overwhelming before you know it. However, you can get inspired by a lot of different things, including the basic venue decor, the time of year, and even your favorite wedding flowers in Framingham at your local florist. So take some time, think about what matters most, and browse the rest of the color-picking tips in this article.

Visit the Venue

So once you’ve chosen the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception with your Framingham wedding planner, you can take a tour and think about the color scheme that would work best with the location. Some facilities offer your choice of linens with the custom wedding package, which can help you to reduce some costs. Consider the linen color options and coordinate your color scheme to match. An elegant wedding reception should avoid colors that are too bold or unusual for a wedding celebration. Your choices should be more about tradition in everything from the bridal party attire to the menu selections, the wedding activities to the style of the cake, and everything in between.

What Will Everyone Wear?

Another great way to think about how your wedding colors will look is to think about what you want everyone to wear. Will it be a black-and-white wedding where even the guests are required only to wear black or white attire? This can be a great way to keep the background simple while adding a pop of color in decorations or wedding flowers in Framingham for the ceremony that carry over to the reception in Milford. What about seasonal wedding colors? Some brides choose fall weddings because of the New England leaves, while others might want spring because they prefer to wear soft pastels. Start shopping for bridesmaids dresses and see what you like, then use those colors to inspire your wedding color choices.

Focus on the Season

If you gear everything from the centerpieces and bouquets to the wedding cake design and decorations according to the season, it can be quite easy to pick some colors that will enhance your elegant wedding reception. Seasonal wedding colors, such as cranberry, pine, and navy for winter; lighter shades for spring; brighter colors for summer; and pumpkin, espresso, and maroon for fall, can all work in your favor. Consult with your Framingham wedding planner to help you make seasonal choices to avoid picking colors that are too bold, too washed out, or too trendy.

Consider Your Style

Take a look at your home and even look to your wardrobe to identify the colors that make you feel the most comfortable. Everyone has specific colors that they are drawn to, whether they consider them to be their “favorite” colors or not. You can pick everything from the wedding flowers in Framingham to the table decorations in Milford at The Crystal Room, simply by reviewing your tastes to figure out the best colors and shades for your special day. You want your wedding to be a reflection of you, as an individual and as a couple, so if there are colors and interests that the two of you share, that’s even better.

Use a Color Wheel

There are programs online that can help you pick complimentary colors for your wedding scheme. So if you like one color, but don’t have a coordinating color, and don’t want to take the easy route and combine it with black, gray, white, or metallic tones, consider using a color wheel. In many cases, your Framingham wedding planner will already have a color wheel, an app, or another color picking tool that you can use together to choose the best color pairings. It can help you to avoid mistakes that you might not realize don’t work together until you’re hundreds of dollars deep into decorations.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford

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