Franklin Brides: Plan a Summer Bridal Shower in Massachusetts

Franklin Bridal ShowerWhether you hire a professional Franklin wedding planner or you plan the entire wedding on your own, it is important to pass the baton when it comes to the shower. A bridal shower in Massachusetts can be a lot of fun. It should be planned by the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, or anyone else that is close to the bride. It is a great way to spend time with close friends and family in the days and weeks leading up to your big day. Try to plan a shower at least two weeks to a month before the wedding. This will give you time to breathe from one big event until the next. The bride can participate in the planning, but the hostess should be in-charge.

Selecting the Best Venue

When it comes time to finding where you should host your bridal shower, start by looking at the wedding reception venues in Milford. Even if the wedding itself will be hosted somewhere else, consider a reception hall for your Milford bridal shower. Celebrations of all shapes and sizes are planned for The Crystal Room. You can schedule a tour of the facility to make sure it will suit your needs and then start planning with our staff once you make a decision. We have a lot of experience working with wedding showers, ceremonies, and receptions so that we can provide you with advice, suggestions, and tips.

If the couple is also hosting their wedding at The Crystal Room, make sure to let us know. We can make suggestions that will help you create a shower that compliments the plans that the bride has made without “stealing her thunder” for the big day. If you choose a theme that is the same as or similar to the wedding theme, just be careful it isn’t an exact copy. Brides spend months and months planning a wedding. You don’t want to upstage anything she has chosen at the bridal shower in Massachusetts. Before you make any significant decisions, consult with the bride and maybe even her Franklin wedding planner. This will help you to create a successful celebration.

Why Host a Bridal Shower?

The purpose of a modern bridal shower is to “shower” the bride with gifts that she can use to set up her new home after she gets married. Work with the bride to create a bridal registry of the things that she needs to start her new married life. Ensure that there are a variety of price points available in the registry to satisfy the budget of every guest. A shower is a great opportunity to bring families together. Instead of just being in-laws, a good shower can ensure that everyone feels like family. You can share funny stories about the bride growing up, use framed photos of the bride and groom as young children, and play games to break the ice.

Be careful about the games that you choose and make sure that the prizes go along with the theme or taste of the bride. The biggest mistake that you can make is to do something that will embarrass the bride in front of her soon-to-be mother-in-law or the rest of her fiance’s family. Think everything through before you commit to anything. Save the strippers and lingerie for a bachelorette party if she’s up for it. Advise other guests not to bring any gifts that some might deem inappropriate, just in case. In fact, you can instruct that they either purchase something from the bridal registry or that they provide gifts of cash and gift cards instead. This will prevent guests from going “off book” and getting something that could be embarrassing.

Create a Budget

Planning a bridal shower in Massachusetts can be quite expensive, depending on your tastes and the number of guests. Work with the wedding reception venues in Milford to see if you can get a good deal on the space for your party. Consider in-house catering for a buffet luncheon to save costs compared to a plated dinner. Instead of hosting an open bar, create a custom cocktail in the bride-to-be’s honor and name it after her. Think about her style, colors, and the things she likes to design something that represents her well. Figure out how much money you have to spend on everything for the Milford bridal shower and then start planning from there. Remember, most venues charge per person, based on the amount of food and service that will be required.

Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with our on-site event coordinator about your upcoming celebration. We know that there are a lot of wedding reception venues in Milford, Franklin, and the surrounding area, but we are confident that we have everything you need to host a perfect party. Call today to reserve space or to take a tour of our facility.