Frugal vs Cheap: Tips for Massachusetts Brides on a Budget

frugal-v-cheapPlanning a wedding can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Realizing how much it is going to cost for your very special day can cause many couples to re-think extravagant ideas and go for more modest options instead. This article will focus on some of the best tips for Massachusetts brides and grooms who are on a budget, providing you with innovative options for reception staging ideas at your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, offering hints as to ways that you can cut your budget without looking “cheap” and making suggestions that will help you get the most out of your reception locations in Milford, MA.

Tip #1 – Choosing the Best Reception Location
Outside of picking the dress and the place where you will have your ceremony, the next big challenge is picking the best wedding reception hall in Massachusetts to host your big celebration. The reception generally takes three to four times the amount of time as the actual ceremony, so it pays to pick the best reception locations in Milford, MA based on what it can offer. The Crystal Room is the premier venue located right here in Southeastern Massachusetts, with a beautiful ballroom and other reception options that have been newly renovated in 2014. All-in-one packages include catering, decorative basics, beverages, cake cutting and plating, flowers, lighting a a whole lot more. The more you can get included in one price for all of your reception staging ideas, the better control you will have over your budget, because it’s the little things that add up when planning a wedding.

Tip #2 – Watch That Guest List
Once you have chosen the reception location, the next thing is to consider your guest list. Take a look at the people – on both sides – and determine which people really need to be there, and which ones you can cut. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to take control over the guest list and avoid inviting people just because you feel “obligated” to invite them. Keep it intimate to immediate family and close friends. This will help you stay on budget and reduce costs at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, but it will also help you to reduce the amount of worry and other related problems that can happen with a huge guest list. This is your special day – take control of your guest list and don’t let anyone bully you into making it bigger by adding people that you don’t want.

Tip #3 – Trade Gifts for Help
One increasingly popular trend is to ask family and friends to help you with your wedding instead of giving you a traditional gift off of your gift registry list. For example, if you have an aunt who is great at making beautiful tiered cakes, consider asking her to make your custom wedding cake as your gift. If you have a friend who is an excellent photographer, consider asking him to be your official photographer for your wedding and reception. Think about the talents that your family and friends have, and how they might be used to your advantage. In most cases, the people you contact will be thrilled to be able to contribute to your special day and will be flattered that you thought of them first before hiring a pro.

Tip #4 – Outdoor Ceremonies
One way to cut your budget it to have the ceremony portion of your wedding outdoors. State and local parks will often offer very low-cost rates for hosting weddings and can make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos. Hosting the reception indoors, however, is highly recommended. Many couples choose to get married in a park, out by the seaside or some other location that has meaning to them or fits with the theme of their wedding, but host the celebration party at a local wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Make sure to contact park officials regarding permits and other requirements for outdoor ceremonies, based on the size of your wedding party and guests.

Tip #5 – Don’t Go Flower Crazy
Many of the reception staging ideas that you will see online involve mountains and mountains of flowers. Flowers for the guest tables, flowers for the entire wedding party, flowers for random family members and even flowers at the cake and gift tables. However, you can substantially cut your wedding budget by taking a more simple approach to the flowers. A beautiful bouquet for the bride is important, but a small and elegant bouquet is actually very trendy right now and will set the tone for the rest of the event. Single flowers for bridesmaids or even fake flowers for the wedding party, can also cut your budget. Using other types of decorative items on the tables instead of flowers can also cut your costs at reception locations in Milford, MA. Ask the venue if they offer centerpieces and other options as part of the overall cost for even more savings opportunities.

Reserve Your Date at The Crystal Room
Before you make any other plans, make sure to reserve your date for a wedding reception at The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Our beautifully designed and well-appointed venue can help to create an elegant backdrop for your wedding. Our on-site event planner can help you with your reception staging ideas, help you make arrangements with vendors and even suggest things that you might not have considered. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and schedule a tour of our facility or speak with our event planner about available dates for your upcoming reception.