Fun Ideas for a Family Reunion at Boston Area Party Venues

Large Family ReunionWhen most people think about family reunions, they think about outdoor activities. However, depending on the time of year that everyone can get together and where you are hosting the party, you may need to consider indoor activities. Hosting a fancy party or gathering instead also might be a nice alternative to everyone showing up in summer clothes for an outdoor picnic. Whatever your motive or reasons behind wanting to plan a family reunion at a Boston area banquet hall venue, it pays to gather ideas ahead of time and work with the venue and the vendors, to make everything easier on the day of your big event.

Setting Goals
The first thing you need to do when you set out to plan a family reunion at a local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall is to set some goals. What do you hope to get out of the reunion? Do you want the children to have fun way to interact, do you want to encourage adults to participate by sharing stories and memories that could be important to the family, or do you just want to have a party and a good time? This will help as you work with the Boston area party venues to determine how much space you will need and how long you will need the facility.

Some families reserve space at a local hall to host a special dinner, either as an ice-breaker for the weekend or week-long reunion, or as a wrap-up type of party before everyone goes home. Some will used the Boston area banquet hall like a convention center and host all of the activities there on-site. What you do and how much time you spend at the venue will depend on your budget and what you want to accomplish. Just make sure you know ahead of time what you want to do at the conference center or party room before you book your date.

Setting the Date
Once you know how many people will be coming and what you want to do during your event, you can contact the venue to set the date and time for your celebration. Decide whether you want to host a dance party, a seated and plated dinner, a buffet, an appetizer and cocktail party for the grown-ups or something more casual for everyone to enjoy. Our team of in-house event coordinators at The Crystal Room can help you use our Boston area banquet hall to your advantage. Located just a minute off of the I-495, our location in Milford, MA is convenient to guests coming from all over New England, New York and anywhere on the east coast. With so many major airports, family members can fly in from all over the world and be at our conveniently located venue in a snap. Think about the date that you choose. Remember that wedding season in New England is from spring through early fall, so if you want to plan an event within that time frame, you will want to call as far in advance as possible.

Planning Indoor Activities
Some of the activities that you can consider when you plan a family reunion at a Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall are quite different from the activities that you might do outdoors. Here is a list of fun activities that you can include in your party plans. If you aren’t sure about how to set these ideas up or where at the Boston area banquet hall, just speak with your event coordinator for tips on implementing the activities that you choose.

Some of the ideas seen at family reunion gatherings include:

  • photo booth – hire a photo booth for fun family photos that can be made into memory books, photo albums or online photo galleries; some may consider photo strip print-outs that include custom dates and taglines like “Jones Family Reunion 2016” as party favors for guests
  • family trivia – make a list of interesting facts about family members and write them down; have someone be the announcer to state the facts and have everyone guess who it is; either have people write it down to see who guesses the most or let people call out answers
  • story time – encourage family members to tell memory stories about other family members; consider gathering pictures of family members ahead of time to show on a monitor or screen as a slideshow during this activity to help encourage story-telling
  • kid activities – create busy baskets for the kids if you are having a banquet or special dinner, such as coloring books and washable crayons, stickers, board games, card games and other activities that they can share with one another while the old folks are chit-chatting; consider creating a project table that invites kids to create a craft during the event that they can take home to remember the special reunion party
  • family tree – if you have someone in your family that has kept a genealogy chart of the family members, consider making nice copies of the chart for everyone to enjoy; add a section titled “missing persons” that includes photos or basic information about individuals that have not been fully identified to see if someone in your family recognizes them or might have information

Contact The Crystal Room Party Venue
If you are interested in hosting a family reunion party at a Boston area banquet hall, look no further than The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Get everyone out of the big city to enjoy a nice family celebration away from all the distractions. Our Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall has all of the parking, amenities and extras that you could ever want. We can even add a mobile device charging station to help keep everyone’s smartphones and tablets charged and ready for taking pictures and making memories. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to get an estimate for using our facility or to take a tour of our ballroom and party areas.