Fun Things for Guests to Do at Your Milford Wedding Reception

Fun Wedding Activities Milford, MAWhen it comes time to start planning a reception in New England for your special day, there’s a lot more to it than picking out the food, designing the cake and thinking about where you want everyone to sit. Whether your families are already well-acquainted and friendly or if you need some ice-breaker ideas to get everyone chatting, it is important to include interactive activities in your post-wedding party ideas. Once you nail down the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts at The Crystal Room, you can start plotting out the rest of your day.

Finding activities for the guests to keep them busy is an important part of the planning process. You will likely be spending a lot of your time greeting other guests, posing for pictures, cutting a special cake, dancing on the dance floor and trying to get a bite of food. You can’t spend all of your time with each individual guest, so having fun things for everyone to do during the celebration at your Milford wedding reception is a great idea. Of course there are all of the traditions, such as tossing the bouquet or listening to a long toast from the best man, but it pays to have other activities that call for guest participation.

Photo Booth & Photo Booth Alternatives
If you have ever been to a party where a photo booth was employed, you likely took your own turn in front of the camera cutting it up with other party guests. Photo booths are a lot of fun and can keep everyone occupied while you take your formal wedding party pictures or greet other guests. When planning a reception in New England, ask the venue about photo booths or areas where you can have photos taken on-site. Even if you don’t want to go the whole booth route, you can at least set up a backdrop for guests to use to take their own selfies and group shots. Include a pretty sign that reminds everyone of the date, place and special occasion, as well as some props that go along with your wedding theme.

Some ideas for extra props that can be used include:

  • chalk boards and chalk for writing messages
  • theme based items – ex: beach items for a beach-theme wedding
  • additional decor, such as balloons, streamers, flowers, etc. to use in the photos
  • special lighting already set-up to make photo-taking a breeze
  • a sign that tells guests that they can use the area for personal photos

Wedding Reception Games
Yes, there really are games that can be played during your wedding reception. When shopping around for post-wedding party ideas, make sure to consider some of these options for your guests to enjoy in addition to the DJ, band and dance floor. Popular games, such as wedding BINGO, Mad Libs and other ice-breaker type games, are often supplied on guest tables or on a separate “Reception Games” table with some quick instructions. Guessing games with color-coordinated Jordan almonds, jelly beans or other candy items, along with a prize award (featuring the candy and dish as trophy) can also be included. Do a search online for even more ideas for games that can be played at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts.

Unique Wedding Guest Books
Don’t just put out a plain paper book and pen – make your wedding guest book a memorable activity! One great idea is a huge photo of the bride and groom with space around the picture for signing and adding well-wishes or comments. Other non-traditional ideas include signing unique items that will be put together and saved as a memento for the newlyweds. Signing wine corks, Jenga blocks, puzzle pieces, colorful slips of paper or even adding instant photo selfies of guests to a collage, are just some of the unique ways that people are creating their own personal guest books. You can truly create an artistic display that you will be able to keep and look at to remember who came to celebrate your special day.

Social Wedding App
There truly is an app for just about anything! Check with your wedding planner when coordinating your Milford wedding reception to find out about popular apps used for weddings. The apps can be used before the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding to share well-wishes, photos and comments from the couple to the guests and from the guests to the couple. Make it easy for everyone to get to know each other and share their photos from your special day with one another by offering a social wedding app when you are planning a reception in New England.

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