Get a Deal: Wedding Packages for Milford Wedding Receptions

Looking to save money on your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts? You are not alone. When you start looking at all of the things that need to be done for even a budget wedding reception, it can be overwhelming. Start by creating two lists: a “must-have” list and a “nice-to-have” list of the things that you want to include. Once you finish figuring out the basic costs for your wedding ceremony and reception, you can move to checking off lines on the “must-have” list. Then, if there’s any money leftover, make your way to the “nice-to-have” list and start adding in the things that you want to include the most.

What is a Wedding Package?
When you start shopping around for venues, you will notice that some facilities will have wedding packages. These are typically basic options for couples who want to make sure they include in all of the most important elements, such as the reception menu, champagne toast, tables and chairs, venue space, linens, and cake services. Use of the facility, food tasting, and time with the on-site coordinator are also usually included in with this type of package. Selecting this type of deal helps you to check off a bunch of things from your list all at once without having to worry about arranging them yourself.

Of course, there’s still the wedding dress, tux, and wedding party clothing, cake, decorations, entertainment, and florals to consider, but these are the basic must-have items for any modern or traditional wedding. Choose from seasonal colors or go with something that matches your theme. Pick wedding reception activities that will engage your guests and create fun and exciting memories for everyone involved. Once the basic elements are taken care of through the venue, you can start thinking about themes, decorations, and activities.

Some of the items included in the Custom Wedding Package at The Crystal Room include:

  • 5-hour use of The Crystal Room
  • floor length ivory linens with your choice of napkin color
  • champagne toast for all your guests
  • 4-course plated meal
  • cake enhancement and cake cutting services
  • elegantly framed table numbers

Creating a Timeline
One of the best methods for staying on track with all of the things that you need to coordinate for a wedding is to create a timeline. Most couples start planning a year in advance, but if you are getting married sooner, you’ll need to up your game. Once the venue for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts has been chosen, along with the theme, seasonal wedding colors, and guest list, you can start to send out invitations. Again, the sooner you can send these out, the better. Etiquette says that you should give guests at least two to three months notice, however, if you have many guests that will be traveling from out-of-town, make sure to provide a longer period to make flight and hotel arrangements.

Hiring the vendors should be next, and you need to make sure that you get a signed contract for every one of them. The cake baker, the DJ or live band, the florist, the wedding dress store, the tuxedo rental shop – it is important to start your planning as soon as possible, especially if you are getting married at the height of wedding season. If you are planning a budget wedding reception, an early start will help you get the best deals for booking vendors, venues, and getting all of the other elements that you want to include. Any wedding reception activities, such as tossing the bouquet, the best man’s toast, special father-daughter dances, or any cultural traditions that you want to add, should all be cleared with the venue ahead of time.

Visit The Crystal Room and Take a Tour
The best way to choose the best venue for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts is to schedule and take a tour of the facility. This is the best way to determine whether all of your wedding reception activities, vendors, and guests will fit into the space that is available. Make sure to ask questions when you visit and plan to spend some time talking with our on-site coordinator. We can help you choose the best options to include with your Custom Wedding Package and can suggest even more ways to save. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and make sure to schedule a tour at your earliest convenience.