Get Organized: How to Stage a Massachusetts Wedding Reception

get-organizedThere is a lot more to planning a wedding ceremony and reception than simply renting a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts and sending out invitations for everyone to show up. Once you choose the beset venue out of the reception locations in Milford, MA, it is time to start thinking about what you want to have, how you want it to happen and who you want to hire to pull it off. All of the elements that you bring together to make your post-wedding celebration are knowing in the wedding planning industry as staging. This article will focus on the basic tips that you need to learn so you can stage a wedding reception, stay organized and enjoy the fruits of your labor on your wedding day.

Step One: Make a Plan
The hardest and most important step in learning how to plan a Massachusetts wedding reception is to get organized and stay in control. Figure out what method works for you best, but create a system that will help you keep track of everything and stay on top of your plans. One way to achieve this is to use a big binder or a shoe box storage option that will allow you to separate the various elements of your ceremony and reception into different sections. Have space to keep business cards, brochures, photos, floor plans, menus and other information that you will need to stage a wedding reception. Once you choose a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts and other services for your special day, store contracts and other details in each section so you can have quick access to them as needed.

Step Two: Become a List Maker
Lists can help you remember what you need to do and keep track of what you have already done. Keep a list of important information and a separate contact sheet for all of your vendors, bridesmaids, the officiant and anyone else that you might need to contact on your wedding day. Create a checklist that will remind you of everything you need to bring to the wedding ceremony and, separately, everything that needs to be brought to the reception. Include things that others are responsible for bringing so you can make sure to remind them prior to the day and keep track of who is bringing what.

Step Three: Instructions for Vendors
In addition to creating lists and checklists for yourself, you should also create lists for your vendors. A play list for your DJ, including special songs for the first dance, father-daughter dance and other requests should be one of the first things that you should start working on together to make sure nothing important gets left out as you stage a wedding reception that you will look back on for the rest of your life. A shot list for your photographer should also be a priority for your Massachusetts wedding reception, including all of the things that you want covered, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, removing the garter belt and the toast from the best man. Caterers, the cake decorator and any other special vendors should also have their own lists filed away in your custom organizer.

Step Four: Plans for the Reception
Once you choose the best venue from the reception locations in Milford, MA, you can begin to make plans for all of the details of that day. Keep track of all the venue information, including setup requirements, floor or seating plans, the menu for the reception dinner, a list of people who want to give toasts and anyone that you want to thank specifically for their assistance with your special day. All of this should be part of your plans to stage a wedding reception so you won’t accidentally leave something out when you are busy getting married and enjoying the celebration.

Step Five: Have a Plan B
It is helpful to have a backup plan when you begin your staging and event organization for your party at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Plan for anything that might go wrong, such as a DJ getting stuck in traffic or a flower girl who refuses to walk down the aisle. Backups could include a musical playlist on an MP3 player and discussions with the planner at your Massachusetts wedding reception venue about using audio equipment in case of an emergency. Have a bridesmaid ready to toss flower pedals down the aisle if your flower girl backs out at the last minute. When you stage a wedding reception it is easy to see what needs to be done and figure out alternative methods for achieving your goals even if things do not go as planned.

Plan Your Wedding Reception at The Crystal Room
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