Getting Married in Attleboro: Plan a Small Wedding Reception

One of the best tips for couples getting married in Massachusetts is to consider what matters most and put your attention on that. A small wedding ceremony and a short guest list can help you to keep things more under control, more intimate, and more affordable. Whether finances are your motivation or if you just don’t want to deal with the stress of plotting out wedding reception activities and getting reception decorations in Massachusetts for a couple of thousand guests, small wedding receptions are really “in” right now.

Couples who are getting married in Attleboro might look outside of their local area to find the best reception venue. There are locations all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, so locating the one that best suits your needs can be challenging. The Crystal Room in Milford is a unique space that can accommodate smaller weddings of 100 or less, as well as much larger groups. It is intimate enough to host a controlled wedding reception, yet has all of the amenities that you could ever want to create an extraordinary and memorable day. So before you book a venue, try looking at reception locations in Milford, MA at The Crystal Room.

Create a Budget

The best way to start any plans for your wedding is to sit down and create a budget. Know how much you’ll have to spend on everything from hiring vendors, getting a cake, buying “the” dress, and purchasing reception decorations in Massachusetts for your big day. Think about menu options, the food and drink that you want to serve, the flowers you’re going to want to have, and anything else that you require to have the wedding of your dreams. Wedding reception activities would you like to consider – do you want a DJ or a band? Will dancing even be a part of your big day or do you just want to celebrate with family and friends?

You can search online for “guesstimates” of approximate costs in your area for each vendor, service, or feature that you want to include. You can also find some great budget tips to help you stretch your wedding dollars or figure out how much to put away for final costs after initial deposits and beginning costs. Figure out how much time you have to pay for everything according to your upcoming wedding date, but before you do anything else, you should start by visiting reception locations in Milford, MA and deciding where you are getting married in Attleboro. Once you have the ceremony and reception venues figured out, everything else will fall into place.

Make a Guest List

Sit down and figure out how many people you want to invite to your reception. Think about all of the things that you will want to include, such as table centerpieces, favors, menu items, champagne toast, wedding cake, etc. It is also helpful to understand that when cutting costs for venues, food costs, vendors, and reception decorations in Massachusetts, that many wedding businesses charge you “per head” according to the number of guests. So, you can afford to get the four-course menu for 100 instead of merely serving appetizers and champagne for 250. Consider the number of people that you want to have at your wedding reception compared to what you want to do, and plan accordingly.

When you visit reception locations in Milford, MA you can ask for a quote based on a couple of variables. For example, get an estimate for 50 guests, another for 100 guests, and a final quote for 250 guests, or the highest number you are considering. This will help you to decide what you can afford and help you to cut your guest list, if necessary. Some couples will reduce the number of attendees by saying “no children” or by reducing the “plus one” options considerably for single guests. Others keep it to close family – no cousins or second cousins; and keep the friends circle small, eliminating co-workers and acquaintances.

Go a Little Overboard

When planning a smaller reception after getting married in Attleboro, you can afford to go a little overboard on wedding reception activities, unique features, and reception decorations in Massachusetts. Do you want a particular live band? Is there a specific menu item you want to include? Did you want a specific cake design that would have been outrageously expensive on a larger scale? Do you have unique favors that match your theme that you want to include? Have you always wanted to feature a photo booth, chocolate fountain, or have a limousine take you from the ceremony to the reception? When you plan a smaller wedding, you can afford to include all of those special items without totally blowing your budget.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford

To schedule a tour of our premier wedding venue in Milford, give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our event coordinator can help you choose a menu, review our custom wedding package options, provide you with staging advice for wedding reception activities, and even assist with making plans for reception decorations in Massachusetts. So whether you are getting married in Attleboro, New Bedford or Boston, make sure to take a look at our beautiful reception locations in Milford, MA for your post-ceremony celebration!