Guide for Members of a Typical Wedding Party in New England

So you are planning a wedding. The bride, the groom – you both know your responsibilities. But what about the rest of your wedding party crew? Most people know that there are little jobs for the maid of honor and the best man. They usually help out with tiny details and maybe plan a special bachelor or bachelorette party for the happy couple. However, according to New England wedding etiquette, each member of the wedding party should partake in helping with the wedding ceremony and wedding reception plans in some way.

This is a guide to help you know what duties should be assigned to each member, along with tips for Massachusetts brides and grooms to help with your classic, traditional, religious or budget wedding reception. No matter what type of wedding party in New England you’ve got planned, make sure that everyone is doing his or her part. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so it really pays to have everyone on board to assist with some of the details. While this doesn’t mean that the bride and groom are in the clear, it does demand that some of the other members of the wedding party need to pick up the slack.

The Couple
For the most part, the bride and groom should stay focused on the big details. Getting engaged, setting a date, and actually showing up for the ceremony and celebration. In between all of that good stuff, they need to set a budget, create a guest list, pick a theme, select a venue, make reservations, choose flowers and decorations, hire a photographer and a DJ, pick out some wedding rings, and write out their wedding vows. They also need to select attire for the wedding party in New England, get the marriage license, and pick out some fancy duds for themselves. While most people think about buying the wedding gown, there’s a whole lot more to planning a wedding than picking out a dress.

Parents of the Bride
Tradition says that the parents of the bride pay for most of the wedding, but many couples will take on the burden of paying for it themselves, especially if they are older or if this isn’t their first marriage. Tips for Massachusetts brides include working with their parents to come up with a workable budget that everyone can afford. However, regardless of who pays for what, the parents still have some responsibilities. They should help the couple make their guest list so great-aunt Edna doesn’t get forgotten, offer up some moral support by assisting with detail planning, attend any rehearsals or related events, and the father of the bride should walk his daughter down the aisle.

Parents of the Groom
Tradition says that the parents of the groom pay for the rehearsal dinner, however, some modern couples choose to take this part of the planning on themselves. An important part of any wedding party in New England, the parents of the groom can work with the parents of the bride and the couple to make wedding reception plans, assist in making the guest list, offer up moral support, attend any events related to the wedding, and ask about coordinating attire with the parents of the bride. Etiquette says that the mother of the groom should ask the mother of the bride what she is wearing, so they don’t get the same dress for the wedding.

Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids
This role typically goes to the sister or the best friend. Some brides even have multiple maids of honor if they are unable to pick just one. However, this is the member of the wedding party that is most important to the planning of the classic or budget wedding reception. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to work closely with her maid of honor to organize any activities with the bridesmaids, set aside a day to shop for dresses and help the bride on the day of the wedding. Her job is to get her ready that morning, arrange the veil, hold her train, hold the bouquet, sign the license as a witness with the best man, and assist with the dress during the reception. Bridesmaids, on the other hand, assist the maid of honor with any duties she is unable to tackle on her own and organize the bridal shower.

Best Man & Groomsmen
The best man is the groom’s version of the maid of honor. He is the biggest supporter of the groom during all of the planning, throughout the ceremony, and at the New England wedding reception. He also needs to take care of the bachelor party planning, coordinate the groom’s tuxedo fitting and make sure all of the groomsmen order their tuxes and pick them up, write the speech for the reception, attend the rehearsal, bring the rings to the ceremony, sign the license as the witness with the maid of honor, and make sure the groom gets to the wedding on time. The groomsmen help the best man, if he needs it, with any planning, plus they attend the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, and arrive early on the wedding day to help greet the guests and seat everyone for the ceremony.

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