Happy Bridesmaids: Treating the Girls on Your Special Day

In all the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, it’s easy to neglect your bridesmaids. A good bride includes her bridesmaids in her plans and remembers to treat them well throughout the entire process, but especially on her big day. Here are some tips that will help you show them how much you appreciate everything they do for you.

Appreciating the Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid
Most people think that the bride and the maid of honor are the only ones running around making plans and getting ready for the ceremony and wedding reception party. Your bridesmaids have a lot of things to do to prepare for your wedding too, such as going for fittings, making sure they have all the right accessories and anything else that you’ve asked them to do. In addition to planning for your big day, your girls have other things going on in their lives, such as jobs, relationships and sometimes children to take care of, so don’t fault them if they can’t be available every time you call for help with wedding party ideas.

Consider Your Bridesmaids When You Pick Out Their Dresses
There are a lot of things to think about when you choose the dresses that your bridesmaids will wear. First, the dresses must be able to work during the ceremony and during the wedding reception party. You don’t want to pick dresses that are too tight or so awkward to walk in that they won’t be able to dance. You also don’t want them to feel uncomfortable already by the time you take the wedding reception photos. Consider the height and figures of your girls, make sure the dresses you choose will look great on each and every one of them.

Don’t Put Your Friends into Debt
Another thing to think about is how much money each girl will be investing in becoming one of your bridesmaids. They are responsible for everything, from the dresses to the shoes, the accessories and any specific hairstyles you request them to get done. Now add all of this to any costs for travel to and from the ceremony and/or wedding reception party, particularly of they are coming in from out of town. Hotels, rental cars, meals before and after the wedding – it can get really expensive fast. Make sure to consider all of this every time you pick something out or make a request.

Be Reasonable With Your Requests
Nowhere in the unspoken “will you be a bridesmaid at my wedding” contract does it ever say that your friends become your servants or slaves. While you might need to ask for help every now and then throughout the process of planning your wedding reception party and getting ready on the day of your wedding, you don’t want to overwhelm your bridesmaids with a giant to-do list. Enlist the help of willing family members, soon-to-be in-laws and anyone else that might have some free time to assist in all the little errands and plans that need to be made. Don’t put it all on your maid of honor or your bridesmaids, even if they are family members.

Let Them Do Things for You
Chances are your bridesmaids will get together and plan your bridal shower without asking for a lot of input from you. After all, you are busy getting together wedding party ideas, planning wedding reception photos and a million other details. So when you arrive at your shower and it’s not exactly what you might have hoped for, this is your opportunity to say a polite, “thank you” and reflect while appreciating all the things they had to do to make this shower to honor your upcoming wedding. Don’t pout, don’t make faces and don’t roll your eyes. You owe it to your girls to be as gracious and patient with them as they have been with you.

Do Something Special for Them
You will often read bridal tips that include buying bridesmaid gifts. Some brides will buy a special, elegant memento to give to each of her attendants, such as a pair of earrings, a necklace, a gift certificate to a spa weekend – something to say how much you appreciate all their help and support. Another idea is to get unique bridesmaid gifts for each girl as an individual, something that reflects her interests and personality, that shows you took the time to think about her and consider what she would really like to receive. Take your bridesmaids out to dinner before the wedding or off to a relaxing brunch when you return to your honeymoon and make sure to thank each of them personally for supporting you as you prepared for your special day.