Have a Stress-Free Wedding: Tips for Massachusetts Brides

stress-free-wedding-planningThere is no hard and fast rule that says brides need to be a total wreck by the time the wedding day arrives. There’s also no good reason why you should be stressed out on your wedding day. All it takes is careful planning and organization ahead of time to ensure that everything is taken care of, confirmed and double-checked before your big day. From going over all of your reception menu ideas, wedding reception activities and locking down your top reception locations in Milford, MA for the big celebration, the more you can do ahead of time, the less you will be running around and worrying in the days and hours leading up to the big event.

Confirm All Vendors and Details
About a month before the wedding – and again about a week before as well – check in with all of your vendors, the DJ or band, the bakery for the cake, the limo to transport the wedding party, the photographer and the event planner at The Crystal Room to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Consider keeping a list of all vendors, contact names, contact numbers, details about deposits and other financials, as well as agreements and contracts in a single folder or notebook so you will have everything at your finger tips for last minute changes or if you need to get a hold of someone fast. Coordinate carefully with the on-site coordinator at The Crystal Room to make sure they are aware of who is coming to set up and when. You don’t want any surprises.

The Dress, The Dress, The Dress
One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to make sure that your wedding gown is ready well in advance of your special day. There are so many brides who don’t get the dress back from having alterations done until the day before the wedding. Make sure you have your dress a week before the big day at minimum and that you try it on to ensure that everything you asked to be done was done to your specifications. You don’t want to be standing there on your wedding day with pins in your dress and sewing incomplete. Also, don’t keep the dress inside the garment bag the whole time after you receive it. Hang it up high somewhere to let it relax and breathe so it will settle naturally and look its very best.

Bring Items to the Venue Ahead of Time
Speak with the event coordinator at The Crystal Room about bringing some of your personal items for the big day to the venue ahead of time so you won’t forget them. Any special things that you will need, such as a guest book, table numbers, special baskets for the bathrooms, things for the bridal “get ready” room, your cake topper and anything else you need outside of the major decorative items. Not every venue has space to allow brides to bring in specialty items for wedding reception activities, but some are able to do it. Keep a list of everything you need to bring and the date that you are allowed to bring them to make sure nothing important gets left behind.

Wear Your Wedding Shoes
Another big mistake that a lot of nervous brides make is to save their wedding shoes for the wedding day without breaking them in first. You don’t want to be standing or sitting there with pinched and uncomfortable feet. Break them in by wearing a heavy pair of socks to stretch them out. Some brides even use tricks, such as warming the shoes up with a hair dryer first before putting socked feet inside of them while they cool or simply bringing a comfortable change of shoes to use during outdoor photos or for dancing.

Have the Rehearsal Dinner Early
One of the biggest challenges to pulling off a beautiful, stress-free wedding are all of the activities that need to happen before the big day. Make sure to plan the rehearsal dinner a couple of days prior to the wedding so you won’t be out late the night before or stressed out from dealing with family right before your big day. Speak with your maid of honor and the best man about scheduling showers and parties the weekend before the big day so no one is hung over or missing in action on the day of the wedding after too much partying. Speak with your reception locations in Milford, MA about hosting some of these events on-site, such as the rehearsal dinner in a smaller ballroom or the bridal shower in a party room. You might even be able to get a discount for hosting multiple events.

Learn How to Delegate
Don’t put everything on your shoulders for your big day. Bring the groom with you to go over reception menu ideas and involve your bridesmaids with the wedding reception activities. Get a trusted person, such as the maid of honor or a sibling to help you with the bigger details, such as picking up your dress or the groom’s tux, getting the flowers from the florist or decorating the reception hall. Your friends and family will want to help, you just need to learn how to delegate and who you can count on to get the job done.

The Crystal Room Can Help
One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to choose a venue for your wedding reception activities and celebrations that can help you to keep everything under control. The Crystal Room is one of the premier reception locations in Milford, MA and the surrounding South Coast region. Not only do we feature elegant ballrooms and lots of on-site parking, but we also feature the use of an on-site coordinator to help you pull everything off without any unnecessary stress. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to reserve your space today or to learn more about all of our options and solutions for your special wedding day.