Having a Meat-Free Wedding?

Fotolia_71672030_XSWedding receptions tend to be rather beefy. There may be meatballs, cocktail weenies, finger sandwiches containing lunch meat or ham salad, steak, chicken, pork, or whatever the bride and groom has decided to put on their menu.

But what about the vegetarian couples out there?

There are many couples out there that don’t want meat or animal products on the tables of their wedding reception. In other words, they need vegetarian catering.

Unfortunately, there are many non-meat eaters that have at least one really bad wedding food story. Most of the time, it is because they can’t find anyone to cater their wedding.

For one couple, their friends and family thought they were having relationship problems because they had been engaged for nine months and had not set a date. The reason why they hadn’t set a date was because they were having difficulty finding a caterer that would cater an entirely meat-free menu.

Fortunately, they found an affordable wedding venue that was more than willing to cater their meat-free menu for them and they ended up having a very beautiful wedding. The caterer simply left out the meat and capitalized on the vegetable offerings. But up until they finally found that affordable wedding venue, the only things they could really get a caterer to do for them was serve up some couscous with some lettuce and ask them questions like, “well, what about your guests that aren’t vegetarian?”

While there are guests that are not vegetarian at the wedding of a vegetarian couple, it comes down to more than what the couple will or will not eat. There is a reason why they don’t eat meat and animal-derived products and that is usually because they are against the treatment of the animals before they are processed. So why would they want to support those practices they are against by including meat products on their wedding menu?

This is precisely what the couple explained to every caterer that asked them about their guests that are not vegetarian and it was as if a light bulb went off. It was a dietary choice based off of their personal morals.

Vegetarian Catering Can be Done

The fact is that vegetarian catering can be done. It is all about choosing a menu. A caterer can work with you. They can show you their vegetarian items and you can take it from there. It is all about effective planning and working with what a catering has and telling them what you want.

It is rather unfortunate that there are couples that hit roadblocks when it comes to planning their meat-free wedding. This has a lot to do with the fact that many caterers have a specific menu that they cater. They more or less have options and then individuals can choose from those options.

The fortunate aspect is that there are caterers that work with those that have specific dietary wants and needs. It is all about the bride and groom, after all, and that means that it is all about what they want. However, the guests are kept in mind throughout the process. Of course, the bride and groom want their guests to have a great time and trying new vegetarian foods can be a contributor to that.

Introducing Guests to Something Different

What is neat about a meat-free menu is that guests do get introduced to new foods and they are given the opportunity to eat healthy at the reception. This is a fantastic way for people to discover that being a vegetarian doesn’t always mean eating tasteless food. There is a misconception that vegetarians eat like rabbits and that they are extremely malnourished people. What many find through vegetarian wedding menus is that there are many options available and they don’t all taste bad. In fact, there are some rather delicious dishes that are out there. This can be a great way to introduce the lifestyle to people who may have always been a little skeptical of it.

As for the couple that finally found an affordable wedding venue to help them, they didn’t tell their guests beforehand that they would be faced with a vegetarian menu. The guests were surprised to find no meat, but there were a lot of compliments on all of the creative dishes that they were able to try.


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