Hiring Vendors to Host a Memorable Wedding Reception in Milford

One of the most strategic and essential tips for Massachusetts brides has to do with hiring vendors. When to start doing interviews, which order vendors should be hired, and discussing your needs with the Milford wedding venue are all vital to the process. The amount of time required to ensure that you get all of the elements that you want to include to host a memorable wedding reception is also something you need to know. So when it comes to planning a reception in New England, the more you can learn ahead of time about what needs to be done, the easier it will be to check everything off your list.

Planning Without a Planner

If you are working with a professional wedding planner, the chances are quite likely that they will take care of all these steps for you. However, if you are planning a wedding on your own, it pays to be organized and have a plan of attack. Once you determine your wedding budget and know how much you have to spend, you should consider the style or theme of your wedding and start shopping for a venue. The very first thing you need to do before you create your invitations or start hiring vendors is to secure a Milford wedding venue. You need to find a location that suits you and your needs, can handle the number of guests that you are estimating to invite, and that is available for the date range that you have chosen.

Locking in the date with the venue is the most essential step in planning a reception in New England. Once you find a place to host your ceremony and reception, you can start making all of your other plans. There’s no point in booking a DJ or hiring a photographer if you don’t know when or where the event will occur. You might have a specific date in mind, but when it comes right down to it, you need to make sure that you choose a venue that will meet all of your other requirements and specifications. If you want to invite 300 guests, but the venue can only seat up to 150, it won’t work out as planned. Make sure to ask the venue director if there are any extra services included that might save you time and money with the rest of your planning to host a memorable wedding reception.

First Three Vendors to Hire

Once you’ve got the venue locked down, the best tips for Massachusetts brides will tell you that there are three vendors that need to be contacted first. Securing a reputable photographer who works in the creative style that you want for your wedding photos is a top priority. Most photographers who specialize in weddings schedule their services about 11-12 months out, so the sooner you can start interviewing vendors and making a selection, the better. The next vendor you need to secure is the live band or DJ that will provide the music and entertainment at your Southeastern Massachusetts wedding reception. Many bands and DJs who specialize in performing at weddings will also offer emcee services to announce the various activities throughout the day at your reception.

The third and most essential vendor who needs to be contacted right away is the seamstress or dress shop where you will purchase your gown. Don’t worry about wedding party attire yet at this point. Instead, focus on what you will be wearing. Unless you’re buying off the rack at a discount retail store, you will need a bare minimum of 10 months to order a dress, have it fitted, and go for a final fitting in time for your wedding. Once you know the dress you want and place your order, you can start picking out dresses for your bridesmaids and decide what the groom and groomsmen will wear on your special day. Wedding party attire should be chosen at least six months in advance to allow time for fittings, adjustments, and orders to be ready, especially if you are getting married at the height of the wedding season in New England.

Next Phase Vendor Requirements

Once you have the venue, dress, photographer, and entertainment booked, you can start to focus on the rest of your Milford wedding venue plans. The caterer and beautician who will handle your wedding day hair and makeup should be scheduled at least nine months in advance. If you are planning a reception in New England at The Crystal Room, our in-house catering team will provide a free menu tasting opportunity for the bride and groom to help you make an informed decision. For all other services, such as the florist, baker for the wedding cake, and calligrapher for the invitations, make sure to contact someone at least six months in advance.

For more tips for Massachusetts brides, as well as other advice to host a memorable wedding reception in the South Coast area, contact our team at 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions you might have about planning a reception in New England and can help you to get home. Call today for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our pricing and availability.