Holiday Party Planning in Milford for Families and Businesses

holiday party planning in milfordOur Milford party venue sees a lot of different celebrations and special occasions throughout the year. We have earned a solid reputation for hosting some of the most elegant weddings in the Southcoast area. Still, we are also proud to host a wide range of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts parties as well. Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, awards banquets, anniversaries, and of course, holiday parties. Some of our clients come to us seeking support and party planning tips, in addition to quality venue space and services for their event. Holiday party planning in MA can be a whole lot of fun when you work with a professional venue like The Crystal Room.

Reserve as Early as Possible

When it comes time to plan a holiday party at a Milford party venue, make sure to secure a reservation as soon as possible. Not only will you be competing against other families and corporate clients for availability who also want to host holiday-themed events, but there are still quite a few weddings and other special occasion celebrations that happen during the winter months. If the date you desire is already booked, consider an alternate time. If a particular day of the week is filled up, think about whether hosting it on a different night might make a difference. Our team can help you secure a date and assist with holiday party planning in MA when you use our Southcoast facility.

Choose a Fun Party Theme

While it might sound silly to pick a theme for a holiday party, one of the best party planning tips is to have a specific theme instead of just a general focus. For example, a harvest party thrown during November could feature a Thanksgiving or New England autumn leaves; and a party in December could focus on Santa Claus or Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, a holiday-themed movie, or even a North Pole and snow style of decor. Whatever you choose, make sure that everything goes along with the theme, from the invitations all the way to the party decorations, favors, menu, and specialty desserts.

Consider the Comfort of Your Guests

When we work with clients to plan summer weddings, we always make sure to discuss options that will help to keep everyone cool. In the fall and winter, the goal should be keeping everyone warm when holiday planning in MA. Southeastern Massachusetts parties during this time of year should include a warm and inviting venue, hot drinks that will warm everyone from the inside out, and a comforting menu of food items that reflect the time of year. Consider adding a hot cocoa, coffee, and tea bar to your menu at the Milford party venue and speak with the place about adding a coat check service at the door for all those coats and cold-weather gear. Valet parking can also be included at The Crystal Room to help guests get in and out without freezing.

Choose Smart Decor Items

Fall parties can really embrace the season by adding harvest produce to table decor. Autumn leaves can be strewn across the center of the tables, alongside pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, and other natural decorative items. Winter parties can include colorful candy canes as part of the place settings, as well as artificial holly and ivy, seasonal snow-theme centerpieces, and even straight-up holiday decor. Depending on the theme and purpose of your party, you might also want to include your own personal pieces in with the decor at the Milford party venue. Just make sure you let guests know that the decor is not “free to take home,” as many assume when they go to a hosted party or dinner. If you do have items they can take, make sure that your personal pieces are marked and do not leave the facility.

Consider Games or Entertainment

Party planning tips for family events can be slightly different than corporate gatherings. However, both require at least some form of entertainment to be included with the holiday party planning in MA. Seasonal or theme party games can be a lot of fun; keeping guests entertained while food is being prepared or served. A guest speaker, comedian, or even a musical performer can also be exciting and a nice treat for everyone involved. Speak with the venue where you are hosting your Southeastern Massachusetts parties to make sure you know the guidelines for hiring third-party vendors and performers. Insurance is typically required, along with some basic vetting for the entertainment act.

Contact Our Milford Party Venue

If you are ready to secure space for your holiday party planning in MA, contact The Crystal Room right away by calling 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions you might have, offer party planning tips, and schedule a tour of our Milford party venue. The sooner you reserve space for your Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts parties, the more likely you will be to get your preferred date.