Hopedale Brides: How to Choose the Best Look for Your Groom

Should your groom and his groomsmen wear tuxedos – or should they wear suits? When it comes right down to it, do you know the difference? It is important to understand what separates a suit from a tuxedo, as well as how and when they are intended to be worn, before you can make such a decision. In addition to choosing the type of clothing the men in your wedding party will wear, you will also need to determine details, such as the type, style and color of any accessories you want to be included. Accessories are a great way to integrate your wedding colors and theme into the wedding party.

Distinct Differences
While most people think of a tuxedo as having a frilly shirt and bow tie, the truth is that either a suit or a tuxedo can have those type of accessories. The main difference between wedding suits and wedding tuxedos is the presence of satin. Yep, it’s that easy. A traditional tuxedo will have buttons, pocket trim, lapels and sometimes even a stripe down the leg of the pants that are all made of satin. Wedding suits do not have any satin and usually sport plastic buttons or buttons that are made of the fabric that is used to make the coat.

By tradition, tuxedos will generally be worn with accessories, such as a cummerbund (that band around the waist) or a vest and a bow tie, however they can be work with other accessories as well. By tradition, a suit is generally worn with a long tie. A matching vest can also be worn, but it is not required. You can wear a bow tie with a suit and you can wear a long tie with a tuxedo – there are no hard and fast rules. However, traditional typically dictates otherwise.

Choosing Between the Suit and the Tux
To determine whether your groom and the rest of the male participants in your wedding party should wear wedding tuxedos or wedding suits, you need to think more about the tone or message you want to set, rather than the mere appearances of the two types of apparel. A suit can be worn any day of the year – to the office, to church, out to a fancy dinner. However, a tuxedo is reserved for special events, such as senior prom or the day you say “I do.” That’s the real difference between a suit and a tuxedo.

Dressing up for your wedding in Hopedale, Massachusetts is a choice. Some brides and grooms prefer to have a casual wedding, wearing tea length dresses and casual suits; while others prefer to go completely formal and choose bridal gowns with long trains and veils paired with decked out tuxedos with all the accessories. You need to think about your wedding as a whole – the theme, the venue of the ceremony and the wedding reception, the number of guests you will have and anything else that will determine the level of “formal” that you’ll want to go. Once you decide which way to go, you can begin to start choosing the accessories.

Wedding Ideas for the Groom
We hear a lot about the shoes, veil, garter, train and gown for the bride, but nobody really talks about what the groom and the rest of the wedding party will wear, accept to say the colors. Color is where you really get a chance to customize the look of the groom and the groomsmen. Regardless of whether the men are wearing tuxedos or suits, they all pretty much look the same, particularly when they are all lined up together at the altar.

Splashes of color can be added to reflect your wedding colors, in a couple of specific areas. The cummerbund or the vest, the bow tie or the long tie, the pocket handkerchief and of course the shoes and the socks. The wedding tuxedos and wedding suits themselves can also be chosen in an array of colors and tones, however caution should be used when picking these colors. Neutral shades, such as black, navy, gray and white are best. The colors should be used primarily with the accessories for the biggest impact, without making the groomsmen look over-done.

The colors you choose can complement or match the bridesmaids colors, depending on the colors chosen. For example, you wouldn’t want to dress the men in hot pink – even if it is the primary signature color of your wedding. A muted shade of pink or a complementary color would be better for your wedding in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Light pink, however, could be used and would work well, particularly with gray or white suits and tuxedos. Just be careful of the color combinations you choose to make sure they look good on everyone, and that everyone is happy with what they’re wearing.