Host a Baby Shower in Southeastern Massachusetts for Baby #2

Baby showerWhen you have your first baby, it’s a given that you will likely have a baby shower thrown for you to celebrate the start of your family. However, what if you have a boy the first time around and are expecting a girl the second time around? While some of your baby supplies will work for the opposite gender, not all of them will. A shower that is thrown for the second – or sometimes third baby, as needed – is known formally as a “sprinkle.” The term is used to show that while the parents don’t need all of the supplies that they needed for the first child, some items are still needed for this next child. So if you have two or three boys and then all of a sudden have a daughter, a “sprinkle” baby shower may be just what you need to prepare.

Who Throws the Party?
This can be a tricky situation. With the first baby you will often have excited grandparents, best friends, siblings or promised godparents who are all clamoring to throw you a party, but with the second, third or fourth child, the excitement might have run a little dry. You can either have a friend, sibling or other relative throw the party for you or you can throw the party yourself. It may seem like a breach of etiquette to throw your own party, but if you host it more as a celebration of a new gender – a boy after a couple of girls, or a surprise baby after your first children are all in school, it can make more sense.

Where to Host the Party?
Like anything else, choosing a reception hall is half the job. Once you decide to host a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts, it is time to choose the best party venue in Milford that will accommodate all of your guests and be able to provide you with everything you need. The Crystal Room is a wedding, corporate and party room in Milford, MA that has all of the amenities you could ever need to host a beautiful party for your friends and family. Choose from a wide menu selection for brunches, luncheons and dinners, as well as a selection of cakes and pastries too. We have all of the tables, linens and other items that you will need to host a casual or elegant celebration.

How to Invite Guests?
Go ahead and send out invitations just as you would for any other type of party. Send out the invitations several weeks in advance to make sure that everyone can come and don’t be afraid to ask for an RSVP. You can also contact guests to find out if they are coming to make sure you have an accurate count. Consider inviting entire families to this event instead of hosting a women-only party. Your entire family is celebrating, why not invite their entire family to celebrate with you?

Ideas for wording on “sprinkle” showers include:

  • Join us as we celebrate our first baby GIRL (or BOY)!
  • Surprise! We are adding a new member to our family!
  • [Names of your children] would like to welcome [baby] to the family!
  • We’re finally having a BOY (or GIRL)!
  • A baby is a blessing – especially when it’s a surprise!

What About Gift Registry?
The best way to avoid getting baby items that you already have or having family members and friends spend needlessly on things you don’t need is to sign up for a baby gift registry. Make sure to put down the things that you need in the colors or theme that you need them. Avoid putting on small items that you can get for yourself or that most people have on-hand. First time parents often put everything from bottles to bottle washers on their list. Try to stick to gender-specific clothing for first-time boy or girl parties, as well as gender-specific accessories, blankets and room decor. An extra car seat if you still have children under eight years of age using a car seat is appropriate, but try to keep each item lower in cost and as appropriate to your new needs with this baby as possible.

Ask the On-Site Event Planner
One of the biggest benefits to choosing a reception hall instead of having the party at someone’s home is having the use of an on-site coordinator who can help you with all of the details for your baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Crystal Room is the best party venue in Milford for baby showers and all sorts of family celebrations and events. Elegant enough for a wedding, yet casual enough for an intimate gathering, speak with our on-site event planner for tips on using our party room in Milford, MA to your advantage. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to take a tour of our facility or to find out about available dates for your special event.