Host a Birthday to Remember at a Popular Milford Party Venue

Birthday Party PlanningHave you ever wanted to host a special birthday party for a spouse, child, parent, best friend or other loved one that they would remember forever? The first step in any good party planning venture is to choose a Boston area banquet hall that can accommodate you and all of your guests. Selecting a party room in Milford, MA can be challenging. It is important to choose a venue that has the right amount of space, parking and on-site amenities, as well as enough parking and options to suit your needs. Work with the staff at the facility to make sure you are able to put up all of your birthday reception decorations in Massachusetts and hire all the vendors that you want to include to pull off this special celebration.

Set the Date & Send the Invitations
Unlike a wedding, you don’t have to send out invitations months and months in advance. As soon as you choose the Milford party venue that you want to use and set the date for the celebration, you can send out the invitations. Formal written invitations, email invites or even invitations via social media are acceptable, depending on the type of party that you are throwing. If you are hosting a surprise birthday at the party room in Milford, MA, you might not want written invitations. Instead, consider contacting people personally to make sure they know to keep it secret from the guest of honor.

Select a Party Theme
Every good party has a theme. When you visit the Boston area banquet hall, start thinking about the theme before you go shopping for reception decorations in Massachusetts. Some people like to do a theme based on the era that the person was born, such as the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, however you could also do a party based on the person’s favorite era. A hippie theme for the 70s, a mod theme for the 60s, a rock-n-roll theme for the 50s – themes make party planning a lot of fun and make it even more fun for those who attend. Express the theme to guests in advance so they can “dress the part” or prepare for the type of vendors, entertainment and decorations that you will have to coordinate with your theme.

Purchase the Decorations
Speak with the Milford party venue to find out about the best types of decorations. They host a lot of parties, so they have seen what works – and what doesn’t. Think about centerpieces for tables, if you will be having a luncheon or dinner, as well as specialty drinks or drink decorations, if you will be serving cocktails. Table linens, chair embellishments, decorations from the ceiling, as well as any other areas that you want to place a focus on during the event. If you are having a special cake, make sure to decorate around the cake table, as well as any gift table or guest book table that you want to include at the party room in Milford, MA.

Coordinate the Catering
One of the best benefits of choosing a Boston area banquet hall that does in-house catering is that you don’t have to worry about coordinating with a separate vendor or dealing with insurance at the facility. You also don’t have to worry about the caterer being late, because it’s all done on-site and in-house. Speak with the event coordinator at The Crystal Room about selecting a menu or serving refreshments if you aren’t having a sit-down meal. Cocktail parties, buffets and candy bars are also popular for birthday parties, so make sure to ask about them and discuss your plans before the big party day.

Visit the Crystal Room Premier Party Venue
If you are planning a birthday party, anniversary, wedding reception or other special event for a loved one, visit our Boston area banquet hall and party room in Milford, MA. Take a tour of the facility to see the space that is available for yourself to decide how much room you will need. Ask about all of the on-site amenities and party options, as well as opportunities for reception decorations in Massachusetts. Let our team help you plan the perfect celebration and assist with local vendors, including photographers, photo booths, bakeries, catering and much more. Call today at 508-478-7800 for a FREE estimate or to take a tour of our facility.