Host a Greater Boston Bridal Shower for a New England Wedding

Bridal Shower Invitiation New Bedford CouplesJust as there are many ways to host a wedding reception or plan any other type of party, there are lots of options when it comes to throwing a bridal shower for a bride-to-be. Typically hosted by the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, or even the mother-of-the-bride, a bridal shower can be an event for just close family and friends, or it can include a wider circle of guests. While the details can be left to the party planners, information on who should be invited and why type of party will be held should be discussed with the bride-to-be. Some bridal showers include gifts from the couples’ registry, while others focus more on helping the bride get ready for her special day. Gifts can focus on creating a lovely trousseau of lingerie, honeymoon attire, and accessories or they can be more practical for building a home and a life together.

A Wedding Party in New England

Regardless of where the couple is saying their vows and hosting their reception, you can choose to host the bridal shower anywhere. However, if the venue is available for a shower and the couple is fine with you hosting it at the same location as their wedding reception in the Boston area, then that could be a helpful option. In fact, some will plan the theme of the bridal shower to coordinate with, but not copy, the theme of the wedding. Similar ideas for wedding reception decor can be used, but it is best to discuss this with the bride. You don’t want to use something in the shower that she wanted to use at the wedding, so make sure you tread lightly and ask a lot of questions.

Another theme might be best to avoid any issues with similarities to the wedding reception decor. If the couple is planning an island honeymoon, you could go with that theme. If the couple is hosting an elegant black tie wedding, but their personal style is more contemporary farmhouse, you could choose to reflect that theme. Florals, seasonal colors, venue-based ideas, and personal interests are also great choices, as well as a grown-up tea party or cocktail party theme. Your invitations should reflect the overall theme of the celebration, including information about the location, date, and time, along with any specifics about bridal or lingerie registries for gifts.

Who Should You Invite?

Most pre-wedding events are limited to those who are also invited to the wedding. For a bridal party, many brides choose to invite only those who are closest to them, such as best friends, sisters, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, grandmothers, aunts, and close female cousins. The entire wedding party should also be invited, including the flower girl and mother of the flower girl. While some couples are choosing to do co-ed events before the wedding, a bridal shower should always be a female-only affair, whether you are doing a lingerie shower or not. This is a special day to honor the bride and shower her with gifts to congratulate her on her impending marriage.

Choosing the Decorations

Once your theme has been selected, picking out the decorations should be a lot easier. Make sure to have centerpieces for the tables, favors for the guests, balloons and some type of garland or streamers. Keep it simple or go all out like you would with birthday party or wedding reception decor. When hosting a bridal shower or wedding reception in the Boston area, make sure to speak with the venue about decorations, tables, linens, and other must-have items for your celebration. They might even have colored napkins, chair covers, centerpieces, and other items that you can use to create a beautiful setting.

Think about your staging for the party as well. Where will the bride-to-be open her gifts? Will you play any games? Will there be any live entertainment or music playing? Will you have a special cake? Consider everything that will be included and match a decorative item with it to create a complete look for your chosen theme. The bride will be impressed at all of the detail incorporated into her bridal shower, and she will appreciate everything you have done to honor her at this special party.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford

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