Host the Perfect Corporate Party at Boston Area Banquet Hall

host-corporate-partyIf you have been charged with the planning of a party for your office located in the Boston area, the good news is that there are a lot of options and things that you can do to really make your event shine. It is important to sit down with your boss or supervisor to discuss the focus and goals of this party. Are you celebrating a milestone, wishing a retiring employee or board member well, hosting a holiday event or honoring staff with an awards dinner? Clarifying the purpose of the event will make planning it a lot easier and will help you to be more successful.

Create the Guest List
The first step in any type of party planning is to create the guest list. Before you can secure the venue; before you can start exploring reception menu ideas; before you can even make plans with vendors for entertainment, hospitality or other special services; you need to know how many people will be attending the event. Decide early on if this will be just for employees or if spouses and families are allowed to attend. Will this be a “grown ups only” event or will children be allowed to come. All of this information will affect the number of guests that you need to fit in the Boston area banquet hall, but it will also affect the type of party, entertainment, food and other festivities that will be included.

Choose a Location
The next step is to start looking for a location to host your party. Regardless of where your office is located in the Southeastern Massachusetts region, you will want to find a well-designed, easily accessible venue that has all of the amenities you require for inclusion in your corporate party. The best party venue in Milford, MA is The Crystal Room. Located just a minute off of the I-495, it is convenient for guests coming from as far east as Boston, as far out as the Cape, as far south as Dartmouth and even guests coming from Rhode Island or Connecticut. As a premier Milford party venue, The Crystal Room has ample parking, tons of high tech options – including Wi-Fi access and a mobile device charging station – which can be included to further enhance your event.

Plan the Dinner
Another great benefit of hosting your corporate party at The Crystal Room is that we do all of our own in-house catering. You can work directly with our event coordinator to focus on reception menu ideas, consider hosting an open bar, provide desserts and other specialty items, all with one point of contact. Choose to serve a dinner buffet or cocktail style, or you can have a fancy seated dinner in one of our larger ballroom facilities. This latter option is perfect for an awards dinner or special meal to honor a retiring co-worker. The Crystal Room also features flat panel screens and a wide variety of audio visual equipment to ensure that you are able to display photos, videos and other imagery to help honor your employees.

Think About Decorations
While you might not want to go too over the top with decorations for your corporate party at the local Milford party venue, the good news is that The Crystal Room was just renovated in 2014 to accommodate the needs of our guests. With beautiful, classic decor and options available to include linens with colored napkins, tables, chairs and centerpieces, we help to make it easy for you to focus on your other reception menu ideas and awards ceremony planning and not have to worry about making the reception hall look great. This, and so many other reasons, are why The Crystal Room is the best party venue in Milford for your corporate event.

Planning the Entertainment
Will you have music at your corporate event? Thinking about hiring a DJ for some after dinner dancing or just want some background music to provide a little privacy for intimate conversation and networking? Whatever you need The Crystal Room can accommodate it. When you contact the Milford party venue about reserving a Boston area banquet hall space for your special corporate event, make sure to ask about entertainment options and requirements. Whether you decide to hire a band, enlist an orchestra or just play theme music on an mP3 player, the team at The Crystal Room can help.

Call for Availability Today!
If you are thinking about hosting a corporate party at our convenient and well appointed Milford party venue, give us a call today at 508-478-7800. We can discuss availability for the rental of our facility, provide you with an estimate on the features and options you want included for your big event and can even offer details on everything you could ever possibly want to know about hosting a corporate event at our Boston area banquet hall and party venue.