Hosting a Bridal Shower on a Budget for a New England Wedding

Weddings are expensive for everyone involved, from the bride, groom and bridal party to the parents and relatives of the couple, a lot of planning and financial investment goes into every single event. In addition to the ceremony and cost for hosting an elegant wedding reception, either the maid of honor or the mother of the bride will typically host a bridal shower for the bride-to-be and all of her close friends and family. While not as expensive as the New England wedding and reception itself, a shower can be quite costly.

Choosing a Venue
An attractive option for hosting a bridal shower is to contact the Boston area banquet hall where the couple will be holding their reception to ask about availability. You should do this well in advance if you want to host the shower on a weekend day. If you want to try and get everyone together during the week, you might have more options open, but your best bet is to contact the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts as early as possible. The timing of the shower is important. If most of the guests and bridal party members are local, you can do it a week or two before the wedding. However, if there will be a lot of people coming in from out-of-town for the wedding, you can host it a couple of days before the date.

If you are hosting the shower the same week as the wedding, ask the venue about options for using the space on the day that the venue will be decorated. You might be able to get a deal on the space or at least gain access to the reception area in advance to start getting things set-up for the elegant wedding reception a little early. Explore all of your options to get the best space for the best price, while providing convenience and opportunity for everyone else in the bridal party. You might be able to host the shower in the morning and the rehearsal in the evening, depending on availability. Once you decide where you will host the party, make sure to secure the space with a deposit right away.

Selecting a Theme
The theme for the bridal shower can be similar to the wedding theme. Make sure you do not step on the toes of the bride and her plans for the wedding ceremony or reception by copying the theme exactly. You do not want to purchase decorations that the bride will also be using on her special day. If you are the maid of honor, mother of the bride, or another member of the bridal party, the chances are good that you will have already seen a sneak peek of the bride’s plans for the wedding. If not, don’t be afraid to ask. She will appreciate your efforts and will probably provide you with enough details to avoid copying her look.

Send out the invitations after the wedding invitations have been sent out. Make sure that your invites reflect the theme of the party for the bride’s New England wedding and that you give good directions to the Boston area banquet hall where it will be held. The invitations should also state the “dress code” for the event. If you want it casual, formal, semi-formal, or if you want guests to wear a special color or style of dress, make sure to express it clearly on the invite. Provide a phone number for people to call with any questions before the shower at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Also, provide information on the bride’s gift registry for the wedding in case anyone wants to get gifts.

Plan Games & Activities
While some people like to plan shower games designed to tease the guest of honor, you would do better to pick activities that will let her know how much she is loved and appreciated. Games that have everyone guess things about the couple, how they met, their likes and dislikes, plans for the future, and other positive topics can be fun and informative for everyone involved. Provide favors for everyone in attendance and get some prizes for the winners of the games. Activities that invite guests to offer advice for the newlyweds are also welcome, such as providing ideas for “date night” to keep the marriage exciting.

Consider The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
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