Hosting a Wedding Reception in MA That Everyone Will Enjoy

fun-wedding-receptionWhen most couples sit down to plan a classic wedding reception at the local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, they consider all of the things that they want to include in their special day. Unfortunately, a big schedule for your reception – which can usually include a long photo session and lots of staged photo opportunities – isn’t always a lot of fun for your guests. If you are getting ready to plan a wedding reception, consider these tips that will help your guests have as much fun celebrating your special day as you are.

Plan in Advance and Enjoy the Day
Chances are that if you are relaxed and having fun on your wedding day, everyone else will be too. We have seen enough of the “Bridezilla” mentality in recent years, with the bride driving everyone crazy as she tries to plan the perfect fairytale wedding that will never ever work out the way she dreamed it would. Do as much planning, scheduling, selection of seasonal wedding colors, and coordinating with the vendors, venue for the ceremony and the reception hall as you can in advance. If everything is taken care of and settled weeks before your wedding, then all you have left to do is pamper yourself with manicures, salon visits, pre-wedding parties and dreaming about your special day.

Learning to enjoy the day can also be a challenge for some couples. Tell yourself in advance that if something goes wrong, it’s just a “small thing” and that the important part of the day is your marriage and new life together. For example, if your bouquet isn’t as full as you anticipated or if the special champagne glasses you ordered never arrive, realize that they are just small parts of a bigger, more important whole. Don’t let yourself get caught up in what really is just a tiny detail when the day itself should just be a big celebration.

Don’t Make Your Guests Wait on You
The worst thing you can do when planning your classic wedding reception is to make guests stand around or wait around while you are doing “wedding things” at the reception. Think about the scheduling of the day and make sure there are things for your guests to be doing throughout the entire event. If you hire a photographer to take pictures of you and the wedding party during the reception, hire a photo booth to come out so guests can take some fun photos and enjoy the time as well.

Plan dinner, cocktails, cake cutting, dancing and other festivities so that they flow together to keep guests entertained while you include all of the celebrations that you’ve always wanted to experience at the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. Just make sure that people aren’t standing around bored and waiting for something to happen at any time during the day. Your event planner can help you with scheduling and your emcee can help you to keep everyone entertained while things are being set up throughout the day.

Pick a Variety of Music Options
If you are into rap music – that’s fantastic – but chances are going to be good that not every guest at your wedding is going to be into it with you and it might make for a very awkward father-daughter dance. The music that you choose for your DJ or live band should be varied to give everyone a little something fun and exciting to dance to or enjoy throughout the day. Some oldies, a little classic rock, some pop music and songs that are special to you as a couple are all a welcome idea. Speak with the DJ or live band about your wishes and ask for suggestions of songs that everyone will enjoy at your classic wedding reception.

Choose The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
If you are planning a reception and are looking for an elegant Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall to host your celebration in, look no further than The Crystal Room. Located just a minute off the I-495 we are convenient to all your guests, boast a lot of ample parking on-site and have a wide variety of options for the bride and groom to choose from for their special day. Go over reception menu ideas, seasonal wedding colors, entertainment and more with our on-site event planner. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour of the venue.