Hosting an Elegant 100-Person Wedding Reception on a Budget

elegant-budget-receptionAside from raising a child from birth to adulthood or purchasing a brand new home, planning a wedding will likely be one of the largest expenses you will ever amass throughout your lifetime. Most young girls dream of the day that they will one day get married and often have some set ideas in mind about how they want that special day to go. From a beautiful ceremony at the local church to an elegant wedding reception with family and friends, the cost can quickly become overwhelming. However, it is possible to host a budget wedding reception at a local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall and still have all the bells and whistles. From the great big cake to the beautiful dress, the DJ playing your favorite songs to wedding reception activities, the whole process starts with visiting and choosing wedding reception locations near Pawtucket and the surrounding South Coast area.

Whether you are getting married in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut, moving your wedding reception out to the city of Milford, Massachusetts at the beautiful and well-appointed Crystal Room can be a great way to get everything you want without breaking the bank. There are many advantages to hosting your elegant wedding reception outside of the big city areas like Providence or Boston, as well as choosing to move away from costly locations like Cape Cod. Once you have chosen the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall that will be able to accommodate your guest list and your dreams for the perfect budget wedding reception, it’s time to start making your plans.

Setting Priorities
The first thing you need to do is to sit down and make a guest list. The title of this article talks about planning an elegant wedding reception for a guest list of 100. This is a nice round number, but you might have more or less guests, depending on your own situation. When you contact wedding reception locations near Pawtucket to find a room that suits your needs, you will need to know how many guests you are anticipating. This number must also include the couple, the wedding party and any immediate family members that will be involved with the wedding. Check with the venue regarding vendors, as some will also require that you include the officiant, photographer, videographer, DJ and any others who will be attending the reception.

The second thing you need to do is to make two more lists. One is the “have to have” list that features the things that you absolutely need to be included in order to pull off your elegant wedding reception dreams. The second list is the “nice to have” list that feature the things that you would both like to be incorporated, but do not need to have in order to enjoy yourselves on your special day. Examples of “have to have” items could be the wedding cake, a DJ or a live band, basic wedding reception activities and a champagne toast. Examples of “nice to have” items could be a limo to bring the wedding party from the ceremony to the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, decorations, centerpieces and an emcee to host the wedding reception activities throughout the evening.

Once you are able to set some priorities about what is important to you both, you will be able to make smarter choices of what to include in your budget wedding reception. Don’t allow yourselves to get pulled into hosting certain aspects of the day that you don’t really care about, yet can cost a lot of money. Working with an event coordinator at the wedding reception hall can really help you to stay on top of the costs and make sure you don’t overlook anything important.

All-Inclusive Packages vs A La Carte
When you work with the local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall in Milford, make sure to ask about any all-inclusive packages and compare the deals that you get with being more selective with the wedding reception activities and amenities in an a la carte situation. The Crystal Room is an elegant wedding reception facility that has a lot of options available for couples to choose from in order to pull off a budget wedding reception. Our all-inclusive package provides couples with all of the tools and opportunities they need to host a beautiful no-fuss wedding with all the bells and whistles. Extra options can even be added to further customize the experience.

All of our custom wedding packages include a five hour use of The Crystal Room, which includes preparation services with our on-site, personal coordinator. The ballroom comes with elegantly framed table numbers, floor length ivory linens and your choice of napkin colors, which can be coordinated with your wedding colors or theme. A champagne toast for all of your guests, a four course plated meal with multiple on-site catered meal options, cake enhancements and cake cutting services, are also all included. Complimentary food tasting is available for the bride and groom prior to the wedding to assist in menu picking plans.

Additional options can be added, including the use of a bridal room throughout the event, overtime options beyond the five hour use, an open bar, seating board, hors d’oeuvres, beverage fountain, sparkling wine or champagne and strawberries toast for all your guests, ambient uplighting and custom monograms. You can also add photo booths, centerpieces, custom invitations, chair covers and sashes, chiavari chairs, floor length colored table cloths, an in-house custom wedding cake, limousine services, floral packages, entertainment packages, photography packages, videography packages and much more.

Reserve Space at The Crystal Room
If you are interested in hosting your elegant wedding reception at our Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, contact The Crystal Room by calling 508-478-7800. Our team can help you make choices regarding decorations, wedding reception activities and much more to help you stay on budget for your special day. Contact us today to reserve your date or to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility located in Milford, Massachusetts.