How to Choose Your Wedding Vendors

Red napkins on wedding reception tableWhile there may be only two of you walking down the aisle, there are a number of players involved in ensuring the ceremony and the reception go off without a hitch. Vendors can be a major part of the wedding, whether the vendor is a caterer or a band. They give the celebration a unique touch, as well as bring enjoyment to the bride and groom, as well as the guests. Choosing the right vendor is very important so your day can be as perfect as you have always imagined it to be.

Ten Tips to Make Choosing Wedding Vendors Easier

  1. Take the recommendations of friends and family lightly. While the good word of a loved one can go far, there really is no florist, caterer, or band that is right for everyone. You most likely don’t have the same taste they do and the day is your day, so you don’t have to necessarily use all of the same vendors that a family member or a friend used.
  2. Be inspired by anything that pulls you in. For a whole week, arm yourself and your fiancé with notebooks and take note of anything you encounter that pulls at you. Perhaps it’s the color on a sign, a song you hear on the radio, a food you ate at a restaurant or something you see on TV. At the end of the week, compare your notes. This is how you will see what matters most to each of you.
  3. When it comes to the quantity of guests that will be served, think about your present relationships as opposed to your past ones. Invite people you can see being a part of your life in 20 years. This will help you determine cost when you are comparing vendors. This is especially beneficial when you are doing your wedding on a budget.
  4. Once you make a list of wedding vendors, ask to talk to some past clients that they’ve had within the past year. The reason why you want to talk to recent clients is because the staff and the level of performance can change over time.
  5. Make note of first impressions. How a vendor deals with initial contact says a lot about how they will deal with the entire relationship. Look at how quickly they respond, how they conduct themselves. If you are interested in a band and they tell you to come to a wedding to see their performance, there is a good chance they will invite strangers to your wedding as well for the same reason. If you want to hire that band, make sure you let them know you don’t want strangers invited.
  6. When checking out your list of vendors, look for those who have a diverse portfolio. You want to see their body of work and to ensure that they have a consistent level of quality. This lets you know that they can deal with any theme you throw at them.
  7. A vendor who has a relationship with your wedding venue can be a major bonus. This means that they already know what to expect and they will be familiar with the venue, which means they’ll already know how to accommodate it. You can also ask the venue manager about their experience with a specific vendor in case you have any doubts.
  8. Planning a wedding usually involves having a budget, so you want to hire vendors that accept that budget. A good vendor will find ways to creatively adhere to your budget while also making sure everything is perfect for your big day.
  9. When planning a wedding, you want to be able to collaborate with someone who is willing to listen to you. It is your day, so you don’t need someone taking over control. If you have a barn wedding because you grew up on a farm, you don’t want a cake with horses all over it if you have never ridden a horse.
  10. If things are not working out with a vendor, don’t be afraid to walk away. However, you don’t have to walk away immediately. You can articulate your concerns so that a solution can be found. You can also look at their reaction when you raise your concerns when deciding what to do.

Have Fun

Once you have chosen the vendor or vendors for your wedding and reception, you should feel good about the decision. From there, have fun with the planning and watching everything come together. That way you have good memories leading up to the big day and even better memories when it all happens.

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