How to Create a Classic Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

Classic Wedding ReceptionWhat are the elements that define a classic wedding reception in America? Much has changed in this country, but many traditions have been passed down through the generations and are still important to couples in this day and age. Most of the weddings that you see in the United States honor the classic “white wedding” theme, but allow you to still choose your wedding colors that will appear in the flower bouquets, decorations, wedding party attire and other essential features. The true meaning of a “white wedding” doesn’t just refer to the color of the bride’s dress, which can actually range in shades of pink, cream, gray, blue and purple, depending on the bride’s preferences. In reality, a “white wedding” has as much to do with the routine and the way that a Massachusetts wedding reception and ceremony are planned and executed than a color.

What Comes First?
When planning a wedding reception in the Boston area, it helps to choose the venue before anything else. Depending on the reception locations in Milford, MA that you choose, you may have to adjust your target date in order to get the space that you desire. Many weddings are planned about a year in advance, so if you have more time to plan you will have an advantage, but if you have less time you may need to settle for a different date or time. Once the venue is chosen for your ceremony and reception, it is time to start making plans.

Step One – Send out invitations to guests approximately one to two months before the wedding. All invitations must be addressed by hand using beautiful penmanship. Some brides will even take calligraphy courses to ensure they are sending beautiful invitations. Some opt to have them printed instead to match the font of the invitations.

Step Two – Choose your wedding colors, as the colors you pick will be in everything else that you select from here on out. Your floral bouquets, decorations, centerpieces, bridal party attire, wedding cake, favors, linens, as well as anything else that you include in your plans for a wedding reception in the Boston area.

Step Three – Go shopping for your dress. Most brides in America will wear a white, off-white or very pale colored formal gown. Some will choose a full floor-length dress, while others prefer something shorter and more casual. Any color may technically be chosen, but it is important to choose your wedding colors and the wedding dress so that they will compliment each other. Choose dresses for bridesmaids and formal wear for groomsmen that will enhance the attire of the bride and the groom.

Creating a Schedule
The next phase of planning for a classic American wedding at reception locations in Milford, MA is to decide how the whole day will play out for both the ceremony and the reception. Your ceremony needs to include the line-up of the wedding party at the altar or place where you will say your vows, the seating arrangement for the families, the timing for the procession, as well as anything else you want to include. Many couples are now choosing to light a unity candle or create something together that symbolizes their commitment to one another after they say their vows. Make sure to include an exit strategy, deciding whether you want bubbles, rice or anything else thrown or blown at you as you leave the ceremony and head to the reception.

The reception is another matter completely. More planning is required for planning a Massachusetts wedding reception than you might realize. There are more “moving parts,” so to speak, that need to be arranged and scheduled. Everything from the moment that you enter the door of reception locations in Milford, MA to begin celebrating your union to the time that you are ready to leave at the end of the festivities should be planned. The on-site event coordinator at your venue should help you with this portion of the planning, if only to schedule when the food will be served, when the champagne toast will occur, when the cake will be cut and served, and when the lights need to be dimmed for dancing. Tossing the bouquet, throwing the garter and having special dances with parents are also examples of classic American weddings that can be included in your celebration or left off, depending on your tastes and interests.

Classic Weddings at The Crystal Room
If you are planning a wedding reception in the Boston area and are looking to get out of the big city and to a quieter, more intimate location, consider The Crystal Room as reception locations in Milford, MA. Located just one minute off the I-495, our venue is convenient for guests coming from all over New England and the northeastern region. Call our event coordinator at 508-478-7800 to learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour. Come see why so many couples choose our location for their Massachusetts wedding reception and celebration.