How to Cut Costs for a Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

cut-costsCouples who are planning to get married in the Greater Boston area will often be overwhelmed when they discover how much it costs to rent a reception hall and host the after-party in the city. One of the advantages to getting married and planning a reception in New England is that there are tons of beautiful locations that can be used for your special day. Many couples are now getting married in the city at the family church, but are choosing a reception hall in the suburbs so they can have more space and better parking at a more affordable price. The Crystal Room is a beautiful, newly renovated venue located in Milford, MA that can be used to host an elegant or budget wedding reception in the Boston area.

Choosing a Reception Hall
It is important to pick a location that is convenient for your guests, especially if they will be coming from all over the northeastern region. You don’t want your guests getting lost and you don’t want them to have to drive too far. Wherever your families are located in the Greater Boston area, a drive to Milford to host your reception at The Crystal Room won’t put anyone out.

Conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, our venue is easy to find, has tons of parking for all of your guests and will provide you all of the space you need at a price you can afford. Check out our all-inclusive Custom Wedding Package for details on all of the elements that are included and all of the extras that can be added on to further enhance your reception.

One way to reduce costs up front for your wedding reception in the Boston area is to reduce your guest list. The number of people you invite directly reflects the cost for choosing a reception hall, catering costs, invitations, decorations and more. Another way to host a budget wedding reception without compromising is to plan your wedding for the off-peak season. Winter and late summer are often good choices without having to fight for dates or pay premium rates to all of your vendors.

Choosing the Decorations
The sooner you can start planning a reception in New England, the better. If you have six months to a year in advance, which is standard according to top wedding planners and event coordinators, you can shop at party and decoration stores for off-season items. For a pink or red color theme, shop after Valentine’s Day and get all the green you could ever want after St. Patrick’s Day. Once you know your colors and your theme, it becomes easier to start making plans and getting everything together a little bit at a time.

When it comes to using flowers for your budget wedding reception, there are a few tricks of the trade that can be employed to your benefit. Pick the flowers you want, but use more greenery than flowers to reduce the cost for centerpieces and other accents. Find out how much the various blooms cost before you commit. Certain flowers, especially off-season or non-local varieties, can cost as much as five or six times the cost of traditional roses. Try to stick to local flowers that are in-season and create your centerpieces and bouquets with just one or two types of flowers to reduce costs.

Choosing Food & Beverage
Picking out what to serve when you are planning a reception in New England can be difficult. However, if you are hosting a wedding reception in the Boston area at The Crystal Room, we remove some of that stress with our on-site catering services. Choose from several items for a four-course plated dinner service with our basic Custom Wedding Package. You can also upgrade the menu to include other selections if there is something special that you want served. A champagne toast for you and all of your guests is included in the price, as is cake cutting and plating services.

The Crystal Room can work with you to get a cake or allow you to bring in your own special cake. We can even offer cake enhancement services that will improve the look and feel of the cake you have chosen to coordinate better with your theme. Wedding cakes can be a huge cost for a budget wedding reception, so we will work with you to help find a solution that will best suit your financial requirements. Choose to have an open bar or to not serve alcoholic beverages at your reception. Sometimes minimizing the menu, such as beer, wine and a signature cocktail instead of a full bar can help you stay on budget.

Create a Beautiful Reception at The Crystal Room
If you are planning a reception in New England and are in the market for choosing a reception hall, look no further than this conveniently located, spacious and beautifully designed venue located in Milford, MA. It can be pricey to host a wedding reception in the Boston area, but The Crystal Room has put together a fantastic package for couples to consider when planning a budget wedding reception. For more information on our Custom Wedding Package or to take a tour of our venue, give us a call at 508-478-7800.