How to Have a Perfect Wedding Reception in Milford

The best way to have a perfect wedding reception is to study the most common disasters that have plagued even the best wedding reception plans in the past. Learn from the mistakes made by brides and grooms who have walked down the aisle before you and see what you can do to prevent these disasters from ever happening to your wedding reception plans.

Disaster #1 – No Entertainment
The law of weddings is, if it can go wrong, it usually will. Despite putting down a big deposit and signing a contract, many wedding reception plans have gone awry simply because the DJ or band didn’t show up for the party. If you have a wedding planner working on your behalf, a back-up source of music can usually be contacted and brought in, but for the average couple planning the wedding reception on their own, you need to think quick. Make sure to bring an MP3 player or iPod that is pre-loaded with all of your favorite wedding songs and bring a set of portable speakers that will be loud enough for dancing, just in case anything goes wrong.

Disaster #2 – No Guests
Your wedding ceremony goes off with a hitch. You and your groom jump in the limo and head off to the wedding reception location, giggling with anticipation at your first wedding dance and the rest of the festivities. You arrive at the wedding reception hall and nobody is there. What do you do? To make sure your guests make it from the wedding in Providence to your wedding reception in Milford, include a set of directions on your wedding website and consider adding a GPS-location app link to your mobile site that guests can use to find the wedding reception location. Another idea is to print out directions and have your ushers hand them out before or after the ceremony to make sure everyone has a fresh copy readily available. Link everyone that RSVP’d to a messaging program or service so you can send out directions via your smartphone or tell anyone who needs help to call or text you.

Disaster #3 – A Melting Cake
Regardless of the season, a melting wedding cake is always a possibility. Warmer months can cause a cake to melt in the sun, while colder months can leave a towering cake oozing into a heap of frosting and sponge cake if its placed underneath the heating vent at your wedding reception location. Make sure to scout out the venue as you make your wedding reception plans, thinking about the sun, the heat and the heating vents when you pick the spot that your wedding cake will be kept and cut.

Disaster #4 – Messed Up Dress
A lot of things can happen to the bridal gown. A relative gives you a hug and spills red wine down the back of your dress. Your groom feeds you too much cake and you get a big, brown chocolate stain on the bodice. The cute little flower girl steps on your train and tears a big hole in it before you even get to walk down the aisle. While you might not be able to recover from these disasters at or during the wedding reception, you should contact a dry cleaner for ideas on how to spot clean your gown. Anticipate things like wine, coffee, tea, cake, food, accidents, rips, tears and falls. Keep an emergency sewing and stain remover kit with you in your wedding bag just in case you need it.

Disaster #5 – Sickness
It happens. You plan for a year only to catch the flu just days before your wedding. You can’t really plan away a cold, but you can do everything you can ahead of time to keep you and your groom healthy before the big day. Bring along fever reducers, pain pills, antacids, stomach sickness medications, band-aids, tissues, wet wipes and anything else you can think of in your emergency kit. Bring your kit along with you on the honeymoon too to make sure you’re ready for anything.

Disaster #6 – Tears of Joy
So you cried a little during the ceremony, who doesn’t? But in your case you just cried off half your make-up and you’ve got mascara running down your face. There are two ways to go: you can add some make-up, eye make-up remover, cotton balls, cotton swabs, tissues and facial wipes to your emergency kit so you can clean up and touch up as-needed; or consider having a make-up artist on standby to do a touch-up after the ceremony to make sure you look your best for your photos and the rest of your wedding reception plans.

Disaster #7 – Family Feud
Do you have relatives that just don’t get along? Does it feel as if you are reenacting Romeo + Juliet when you get your fiance’s family in the same room with yours? Consider a reception seating arrangement that will keep these feuding folks apart. If that doesn’t work, think about sitting down with each side prior to your wedding reception and ask them to be on their best behavior. When you make your reception seating arrangement, place fighting families as far away from each other as possible to avoid conflict.