How to Have an Elegant Wedding Reception in MA on a Budget

elegant-receptionThere’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have a beautiful wedding while maintaining a responsible budget. More couples are learning how to be smart about making wedding reception plans, as the average cost of weddings have dropped by as much as ten percent in the last five years. While there are many trends and unique designs that are released every year in the multi-billion dollar wedding industry, not every bride is out to chase down the latest and most expensive items on the fashion lists.

In fact, studies have shown that couples are now choosing to invest more into their wedding reception plans and actual ceremonies than in all of the big ticket items that the bridal magazines say “you must have” for your special day. Out are the ridiculous Hummer limos and in are more of the things that brides say they cherish as memories of their wedding day, such as a beautiful reception, time with friends and family who have come to celebrate and show their support. In the end, those are the things that matter most.

Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall in Massachusetts
Once you have picked the location where you will say your vows, it’s time to pick a location for your elegant wedding reception. If you are looking for a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts or the South Coast area, consider The Crystal Room in Milford. A beautifully designed and decorated facility, this venue is a premier location that includes a lot of extras that can help couples to take the guess work out of planning a budget wedding reception.

Included items, such as linens and a four-course plated dinner, are often some of the biggest expenses with regard to wedding reception plans. Beyond the basic package, add-ons are available to help customize your event. Choose from an array of beautiful linen colors, centerpieces, special uplighting and more without having to contract with multiple vendors – we take care of it all in-house. Our professional consultant will work with you directly to plan your special day and make sure you have everything you need without breaking your budget.

Digging In and Making Wedding Reception Plans
The next phase of the process, now that you’ve picked the place for your ceremony, reserved space for your wedding hall in Massachusetts and set the date in stone, is to begin making some proper wedding reception plans. This is where you can go hog wild and go way over budget, or learn how to make some compromises and alternate decisions that could save you hundreds of dollars, while still providing you with an elegant wedding reception.

Getting married is a big deal and this day is a major defining moment in many peoples’ lives. It is important to make wedding reception plans that will help you celebrate this occasion, but it is also important to stay on course and not get pulled into ideas that you don’t really even want or need. Above all else it is essential to pick a couple of key elements that are the most important to you and figure out how to fit them into your plans for an elegant wedding reception. If you do it right, there is no way that anyone will know how much you saved.

Top 5 Tips for Budget Wedding Reception Savings
If you are looking for ways to save money on your wedding reception plans, then this next section will be perfect for you. Each couple is different and your priorities and plans for your wedding day will be different as well. Be true to yourselves, not anyone else’s ideas of what a perfect wedding ceremony and reception should look like.

  • Tip #1: Be Flexible – When picking a date for the ceremony and party at your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, be ready to choose an off-season for your special day. June weddings are still a pretty big deal, but your day can be just as gorgeous in April, August or November.
  • Tip #2: Plan Close to Home – Instead of having your elegant wedding reception in an expensive hall in the big city, consider a smaller venue that has more to offer. The Crystal Room is located in Milford, MA, which is a convenient location from just about anywhere in the New England region – and we have more parking spaces too!
  • Tip #3: DIY Decorations – Instead of purchasing ready-made decorations, get your bridesmaids together and get crafty! Speak with the venue for your budget wedding reception about any decorations that are included in with the package price that can augment the items that you make or collect.
  • Tip #4 No Full Bar – Having an open bar is a huge budget killer. Consider doing drink tickets or remove the top shelf booze and replace it with beer and wine with a champagne toast. Another option is to have a his & hers “signature” drink that is served and limit the number per guest. This will also have a side benefit in that it will reduce injuries and tales of drunken relatives at your one-year anniversary party.
  • Tip #5: Work With a Pro – Take advantage of the professional consultant available at The Crystal Room. Not only are the services free, but they can help eliminate some of the headaches associated with making wedding reception plans.

Call The Crystal Room at 508-478-7800 for details on our services or to schedule a tour of our facility. We are located just a minute off of the I-495 in Milford, Massachusetts. We offer full service wedding options that are designed to meet or exceed your expectations for the elegant wedding reception of your dreams.