How to Hire the Best Wedding Planner in Woonsocket, MA

For busy brides or couples who want to plan a large wedding, a wedding planner can be the best solution. A wedding planner is a professional organizer that can handle the booking of everything from the wedding reception location while helping out with minor details, such as bridal tips and ideas for everything from flowers to decor, menus to best man toast – and everything in between.

However, before you hire a wedding planner, it’s important to know what you can expect, what you’ll be getting and how much it’s going to cost.

Communication is Key
Before you hire a wedding planner it is important to find one that will communicate effectively with you and your groom throughout the entire process. Make sure you choose a planner that will communicate with you in your chosen method, whether it be via phone, email or text. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of minute details that will need to be ironed out between the day you hire a wedding planner and the day you say “I do.”

Ask the prospective wedding planner if they will do weekly check-ins, forward you status updates or how they will be keeping you informed about the status of all your plans as they come to fruition. Will you meet in person to choose flowers, discuss wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket or find the best possible wedding reception location in Milford? Ask your wedding planner if they work part- or full-time, as that just might make a difference with regard to availability and your schedule.

Do I Have to Share?
Another great question to ask is how many clients the wedding planner has in a year and how many they will be working with during the 30-days leading up to your wedding. This will also affect the availability of the wedding planner to help you firm up details, such as booking the wedding reception location, hiring the band, fitting the gown and anything else that will be handled through the planner’s office.

Here’s a little guide that will help you decide if the planner is too busy to take on your wedding: A wedding planner that handles all the details from A to Z shouldn’t have more than one or two weddings in a calendar month. However, planners that only coordinate specific aspects and day-of details can book three to four without conflict.

Extra Staff
Some wedding planners work solo, while others have assistants and other extra staff members that can help you in advance of your wedding and on the day of your wedding at the ceremony and wedding reception location. Again, additional team members would be required for a large wedding with 300 or more guests, while a smaller, more intimate affair of less than 50 wouldn’t.

Speak with your prospects to make sure that they will have enough time and manpower to handle all of the details, vendors and guests that will be at your wedding and wedding reception. This is the whole point behind deciding to hire a wedding planner, to make sure that everything gets taken care of without you having to micro-manage it or worry about it getting done.

Emergency Situations
No wedding will ever be perfect. Even the weddings and receptions that seem to go off without a hitch have underlying, behind the scenes issues that some vendor, family member, or more likely, wedding planner took care of and managed. It is important to ask prospective wedding planners if they include a Plan B into the plans that they will make for your wedding just in case a situation happens. These options should cover unforeseeable situations, such as an illness or other type of emergency.

How Much Will It Cost?
Don’t be afraid to use these words. You will be using them a lot throughout the entire process. The sooner you can get over it, the better. Ask about contract fees, deposits and any additional fees that might pop up when you receive the final bill. In addition to fees for the wedding planner, make sure your planner gets you details about any extra fees that might come from other vendors. For example, caterers give an estimate that includes charges for all the food, the labor of the servers and chefs, taxes and, in most cases, a gratuity. However, at the end of the night you might still be expected to tip the servers at a rate of ten to fifteen percent.

The Bottom Line
If you want to hire a wedding planner that will communicate effectively with you and provide you with all the services you’ll need to gather wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket or anywhere else in the region, you’ve got to ask a lot of questions. That being said, the prospective wedding planner should also be making a real effort to get to know you. They should be eager to find out details about you and your groom, any colors or themes that you have been considering, wedding reception location ideas and other important preferences. If the wedding planner isn’t interested in learning all there is to know about you, you shouldn’t be interested in hiring them.