How to Organize a Massachusetts Wedding Reception on Your Own

Organize wedding reception in Milford, MAWhile television and movies make it seem as though no wedding can be properly planned without the aid of a professional wedding planner, it can be done. Planning a Massachusetts wedding reception can be overwhelming, but if you get organized from the beginning and stay on top of everything that you want to include, you will succeed. The best tip is to learn how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to making decisions for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. From choosing the best seasonal wedding colors and flowers to selecting the right menu, The Crystal Room can help you get it right. Whether you need advice on hiring a DJ or staging for reception decorations in Massachusetts, our team can help you achieve your goals.

Create Smart Invitations

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that was vague? You needed to contact the bride right away to ask questions because you weren’t sure what to expect? Your invitations need to provide a lot of information in a small space. Can people bring kids or is it adults-only? What about plus-ones? Do they need to RSVP and, if so, by what date? Do you have a certain dress code that you want to enforce? State everything clearly on the invite for your Massachusetts wedding reception, but consider creating a website as well and include the link in the invitation. This will allow you to provide more detailed information and make changes as necessary. You can even set up an RSVP feature that allows people to respond via smartphones and computers instead of by post mail.

Pick a Guest-Friendly Date

The holidays can be difficult for planning a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, but New Years, the Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, and other major celebration seasons. You don’t want your wedding guests to have to give up their annual holiday traditions just to attend your wedding. You also don’t want to lose guests because they can’t break already set vacation or holiday plans. Consider other special dates as well, such as the Super Bowl, Red Sox Opening Day, and other major events. Send out the “Save the Date” pre-invitations many months in advance to ensure the best turnout for your special day.

Off-Season Flowers

You love lilacs, and you want them for your fall wedding. The only problem is that true lilacs only bloom for about three to four weeks in the spring. Any lilacs you can find for a fall wedding will be extremely expensive. The same goes with peonies. They have a very short window for blooming, which occurs in May and June. Summer flowers that are hard to come by in other seasons include jasmine and hydrangeas, while fall favorites, dahlias, and anemones look their best in cool weather. Discuss your ideas for flowers to coordinate with seasonal wedding colors with your local florist. Incorporate silk options into your reception decorations in Massachusetts if a particular bloom is important for your special day.

Keep Lists and Save Everything

One of the best ways to get organized and stay that way is to create lists for everything. A list of things that you need to bring to the ceremony. A list of things that you need to bring for the wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. A list of things that you need to bring to the venue to decorate before the wedding. A list of things that you need for the rehearsal dinner. Save all receipts, contracts, schedules, and brochures so you can reference them again when you need to during the planning and on your wedding day.

Get a Friend to Help

Do you have a trusted friend or family member that can help you with your wedding planning? While you can control and organize everything, you should have someone to help on the day of your wedding to keep it all running smoothly while you focus on hair, makeup, the dress, and your vows. Create a staging list and schedule for the Massachusetts wedding reception and give your volunteer a clipboard, contact information for each vendor, and a checklist to make it easy. While this friend probably won’t be a part of the wedding party, insist on creating a special dress, corsage, and title for her and include her in the wedding photos. Co-planner is often even more important than maid of honor so you will want them in at least a few shots for your memories.

Don’t Ask for Money

This is a hard and fast rule that should be adhered for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. Do not offer a cash bar to your guests. If you can’t afford booze, consider just offering a champagne toast or provide a signature wedding drink. You can even limit alcoholic beverages to beer or wine instead of top shelf liquors. Do not plan a “money dance” event where guests pay cash to dance with the bride and groom. While this is a traditional wedding reception dance, it is considered to be tacky. Avoid asking for or talking about money in any way, shape, or form at your wedding reception.

Tour The Crystal Room in Milford

If you are planning a wedding reception in the Southern New England area, consider The Crystal Room. Our beautifully designed and well-appointed facility is perfect for your special day. Contact our team at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility. Our on-site event coordinator can help you choose a menu, pick a date, and even assist with reception decorations in Massachusetts.