How to Pick a Theme for a Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

One of the most frustrating aspects of planning wedding reception decor is choosing a theme. Some couples know straight away which seasonal wedding colors they want to use and what style they prefer for their special day. However, others may struggle with this part of planning a wedding reception in the Boston area. Once you select the Milford party venue and choose your wedding colors, the rest of the plans will usually fall in place. However, it does help to have a basic theme that you want to carry through everything from the wedding invitations to the cake decorations, centerpieces, and favors. It certainly makes wedding planning a whole lot easier if there is something central to focus on when making important choices.

Tip #1 – Coordinate the Theme and the Venue
Got the perfect Milford party venue for your wedding reception? Take a look at the basic theme and decor for the venue and coordinate your theme to match. If the venue is classic and traditional, it might be difficult to pull off a more modern celebration. If the site is rich in decor and history, it might be hard to do a favorite movie theme – even if it has special meaning to you both.

Tip #2 – Define Your Couple Personality
What do you like to do together? Are you weekend foodies? Do you enjoy travel? What common interests do you share? What are your goals for the future? Think about all of these questions and then start asking more to define your personality as a couple. Again, for some couples, this can be a simple exercise. Something nautical for a couple who enjoys sailing; a country theme for the couple who goes to rodeos and country music concerts together; an autumn wedding and theme for a couple who both enjoy that time of year; or just about anything that you could share in common. Just ask a wedding planner, they will tell you that everything from sports teams to favorite movies, travel destinations to hobbies have been the theme for wedding receptions in the Boston area.

Tip #3 – Do Some Research
Still don’t have a wedding theme for all of your wedding decor at the Milford party venue? Take some time to look at bridal magazines, online search engines, as well as social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. As you keep looking, bookmarking, pinning, and saving images that “speak to you” and your ideas for the wedding, you will begin to notice a theme. Perhaps you like old-fashioned or antique wedding reception decor, or maybe you are more modern. Gothic wedding themes are still pretty popular and can make it easy to choose your wedding colors. Seasonal wedding colors can often be a theme in itself if you plan it right.

Tip #4 – Funny, Trendy or Serious?
Some couples choose their ideas for a wedding reception in the Boston area according to shared interests that might not be appreciated by guests, family members or in the future. For example, you both really love DC Comics and would love to incorporate some of your favorite characters and themes into your wedding reception decor. However, when you look back at your wedding photos ten, twenty or thirty years down the line, will you still love the fact that you dressed up in character instead of traditional wedding garb or will you regret not doing something more classic? Trendy ideas can also be a source of regret in the future as well. Just think about all those poor brides from the 80s with the poofy sleeves like Princess Diana’s royal wedding dress!

Tip #5 – Ask for Help
If you still aren’t sure about the theme for your reception at the Milford party venue, you can always phone a friend. Family members, close friends, and even acquaintances who recently had a wedding or worked in the wedding industry can all be a great source of information. If you have crafty friends or know someone who is great at creating centerpieces or that does calligraphy for fun, bring them in and recruit them to help with ideas for your wedding reception decor.

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