How to Pick the Best Flowers for a Milford Wedding Reception

milford wedding flowersPerhaps one of the most essential decorative items at a ceremony or reception is wedding flowers in Massachusetts. While some decorations can be easily put into columns of traditional versus contemporary, flowers are timeless and play a significant role in any wedding. Many of the Milford reception staging ideas that we work on with our clients include the use of flowers. Table decorations, wedding party tables, the cake display, guestbook and gift tables, entry arches, and even the bridal suite are frequently adorned with flowers at our Milford party venue. If you are looking for wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket, New Bedford, Providence, or Fall River, make sure to consider how flowers will be used on your special day.

Flowers for the Wedding Party

One of the ways that wedding flowers in Massachusetts are used is in the form of bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres for the wedding party, parents, and, of course, the bride and the groom. The wedding bouquet is often the centerpiece of the bridal gown, designed to coordinate with the colors and theme of the wedding itself. All other flowers and arrangements should be smaller reflections of the bridal bouquet, including similar colors, blooms, and styles.

Some of the people who will need to have flowers during the wedding include:

  • the bride – bouquet
  • the groom – boutonniere
  • maid of honor and bridesmaids – smaller bouquets
  • best man and groomsmen – smaller boutonnieres
  • mother of the bride and mother of the groom – corsages
  • father of the bride and father of the groom – boutonnieres
  • flower girl – pedals for tossing and small wrist corsage
  • ring bearer – small boutonniere
  • ushers – boutonnieres
  • the officiant – boutonniere

Flowers for the Ceremony & Reception

When you go over Milford reception staging ideas and set-up for the ceremony, whether they are at two separate venues or the same location, make sure to think about all of the flowers you will need for the Milford party venue. Wedding flowers in Massachusetts should include small arrangements at the end of the aisles at the church or ceremony site, as well as more extensive arrangements or a floral arch to serve as a backdrop for the bride and groom as they exchange their vows. Flowers can also be used to create centerpieces on the tables at the reception and to decorate the various tables used for wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket. Dessert tables, the official wedding cake, guest books, photo booths, gift and gift card tables, or baskets – there are a lot of places where flowers can be used.

Real or Fake Flowers?

This is a long-standing debate with many couples. On the one hand, you want fresh flowers for things like the bouquets and boutonnieres, but on the other hand, silk or other faux flowers might be just fine for decorative pieces at the ceremony site and the reception hall. In fact, when you speak with our staff at The Crystal Room, we can offer package add-ons for floral centerpieces that will help you to save time and money working on arrangements. Good, quality artificial flowers that look real can help to set the stage for your wedding celebration without breaking the bank. While some silk flowers can be more costly than natural, fresh blooms, it pays to do some research and see what will work best.

Maximize the potential of every decorative piece that you invest in for your wedding — plan on moving the flowers from the ceremony to the reception hall for Milford reception staging ideas. Aisle flowers from the wedding ceremony can be used in small vases on guest tables. Large displays of flowers from the church can be brought to the Milford party venue to be used on the bar at the reception venue or placed alongside the sweetheart table for the bride and groom. Working with a local florist or discussing your needs with our on-site event coordinators can help you to get the most out of your floral investment. Make sure to set a budget and do everything you can to stay on target. Consider methods to save flowers, in particular, the bridal bouquet, as part of your wedding day memories.

The Crystal Room in Milford, MA

As you start making plans and toss around wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket and the surrounding area, be sure to consider your use of flowers. Wedding flowers in Massachusetts can help to set the stage and instantly create a romantic mood. Regardless of the theme for your wedding, you’ll want to include flowers in with your Milford staging ideas. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with one of our team members about your wedding plans. We can schedule a tour of our facility, provide information on availability, or start working up a Custom Wedding package price quote.