How to Pick the Best Options for Wedding Flowers in Framingham

Framingham Flowers for Milford WeddingOut of all the different types of wedding decor, flowers make the most significant impact. Unfortunately, flowers can also be costly. The best way to get the biggest return on your investment is to purchase local wedding flowers in Framingham and to work with a designer who can make smart suggestions. Seasonal blooms are the best bet for a budget wedding reception and ceremony. However, there are also a few trade secrets that you can use to your advantage to enhance the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts on your special day. Whether you work with a local Framingham wedding planner or take care of the details yourself, it helps to have a good idea of what you want before you start shopping.

Hire a Reputable Florist

Seek out advice from people “in the know” if you don’t already have a good florist. Your Framingham wedding planner, as well as the event staff at your reception venue, should be able to help you find someone with a solid reputation. A florist is a type of artist, so make sure that you find someone who can provide you with the creative services you require for wedding flowers in Framingham. If not, there are lots of other florists throughout the Greater Boston area. Some couples have even purchased flowers direct from local farms to create their own bouquets and centerpieces. If you can’t find someone to do what you want for your special day, consider taking matters into your own hands.

Choose Local Seasonal Flowers

If you are planning a budget wedding reception, or if you want to reduce the amount of money spent on flowers, make sure to pick options that are both local and seasonal. Choose the flowers based on the location of your wedding and the time of year to save money on in-season flowers. Not only is this a great way to support local businesses, but it reduces the stress from having to fly in tropical flowers to Massachusetts in the middle of winter. You will have much better options when you buy local and won’t have to worry about not having flowers at the ceremony or wedding reception hall in Massachusetts.

Alternative Options

If you are working with a florist or another type of floral expert, make sure to ask about low-cost substitutions that will help you get the look you want at a price you can afford. Some flowers can be really expensive, but if you want something specific, there many be alternatives. Instead of making an arrangement of pricey blooms, consider a combination of coordinating flowers with a single stem of your favorite as the focal point in the centerpiece or bouquet. You will still get the same stunning effect, but without having to spend more on wedding flowers in Framingham than you did on your dress.

Unique Arrangements

Another option is to find new ways to use flowers outside of the traditional vase. Think about your theme and various vessels that might hold your blooms instead. A good Framingham wedding planner will suggest this to you, but if you are planning a budget wedding reception on your own, it pays to think outside the box. Some popular options include Mason jars, tea cups, wooden crates, vintage tins – you could even use personal items, such as your grandmother’s crystal vases, glasses, or canning jars. Just make sure that guests know they cannot take the centerpieces with them after the reception. A lot of people assume that you will be giving away the arrangements after everyone leaves, so make an announcement about how important the items are to you and your family. You could also create a table of flowers at the end of the event, so guests know what’s okay to take, and what isn’t.

Integrate Items into Centerpieces

Depending on your theme, you can also integrate various items into your centerpieces to reduce the number of flowers required to make a beautiful arrangement. Beach theme? Use seashells and driftwood. Fall theme? Add in pumpkins, gourds, and wheat grass. Spring theme? Use fresh greens and fruits like lemons and limes. Choose options that fit with your color scheme or reflect the theme of your other decorations at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. There are lots of items that can be used with your favorite flowers in Framingham that will cost a lot less and add a personal touch to your arrangements.

Looking for a Venue in Southeastern Massachusetts?

It is essential to find a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts that will suit your needs. There needs to be enough space for your guests, all of the activities and stations you have planned, and all of the amenities required for your special day. The Crystal Room is located in Milford, MA, just a minute off the I-495, convenient for guests coming from all over the northeastern region. We have plenty of ample parking, tons of amenities, and our recently renovated facility is perfect for small, mid-size, and large events. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with an on-site event coordinator or to schedule a tour with you and your Framingham wedding planner.