How to Plan a Budget Wedding Reception in Southeastern Mass

budget-reception-in-milfordAt first glance, it might seem impossible to host a Milford wedding reception on a budget. From booking your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts to hiring a caterer, DJ and photographer, it can all be quite overwhelming even before you get down to shopping for a dress. Once you become engaged, it is important to start looking around at the various reception locations in Milford, MA to determine what is available for your desired wedding date, how much the rental will cost and what, if any, extras might be included. Before you begin to build a Pinterest board filled with low budget wedding ideas, you need to pick out the venue for your reception.

Cut Costs Without Compromise
Well, there is always going to be some degree of compromise when planning a wedding and reception – that’s just part of joining together with someone else in marriage. However, it is possible to have all of the “must have” elements that you always wanted to have included in your special day if you are willing to consider alternative options for the things that you have deemed to not be as important.

Start by creating two lists with your fiance. One list will be titled “must have” and the other will be titled “nice to have”. Both lists will be filled with things that you both agree are requirements for your special day, along with a secondary list of things that you would like to include if there is room in the budget. Essentials might include the wedding cake, a local DJ and basic centerpieces, while the “nice to have” list might have other bonus features, such as a limo transportation from the church to the reception hall, a live band instead of a DJ and decorations that include your favorite flowers.

This will help you to include all of the things that you need to have in order to plan a traditional or classic style wedding reception, while keeping track of things that you would like to add in as extras to your low budget wedding ideas if you can afford it. Speak with the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts about any extras that might be included in the package deal that could save you money, such as linens, tables, chairs or centerpieces.

Choose the Venue
Make sure to secure the location where you will host your Milford wedding reception right away as soon as you agree on a date. The venue will help you in the rest of your planning, influencing the type of decorations you require and the amount of space that you will have for other elements of your budget wedding reception. The rental of the wedding hall in Massachusetts will likely be one of the largest expenses associated with hosting your wedding reception, so it is important to choose a location that has a lot of bells and whistles to help make your day be everything you want it to be.

The Crystal Room is a Premier Venue located in Milford, Massachusetts, that provides reception space for weddings, anniversary parties, corporate events and other special occasions. It is important to ask questions about the Milford wedding reception venue to ensure that you know what will be provided so you can make plans to incorporate your other low budget wedding ideas effectively.

All of the weddings booked at The Crystal Room include:

  • five hour use of the venue
  • planning assistance with the on-site event coordinator
  • floor length ivory linens, plus your choice of napkin color
  • elegantly framed table numbers
  • complimentary food tasting for the bride and the groom
  • professional cake cutting and plating services
  • cake enhancement services (speak with the coordinator for details)
  • a champagne toast for ALL of your guests
  • a four course plated meal for the reception dinner

This basic package can also be further customized with an open bar, additional time for your event, use of an on-site private bridal suite with a full-length mirror and private bathroom, a multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain, customized monograms, a photo booth and much more. Including everything in for your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts can help to reduce excess costs for brigning in outside vendors to the location.

Smart Ways to Cut Costs
When planning a budget wedding reception, it is important to look for smart ways to cut costs without making it look as though you had to cut costs. Some of the most successful low budget wedding ideas include reducing the amount of something rather than cutting it out completely. For example, limiting your guest list to immediate family, friends and loved ones can reduce the cost of renting reception locations in Milford, MA by a large margin. Once you figure out the “cost per head” of your guests, the easier it will be to cut people from your invitation list in order to save on your budget.

Other low budget wedding ideas include making your own centerpieces and favors, choosing to use silk flowers instead of fresh, ordering a “display cake” for the photos with a sheet cake to be cut up for serving on the side, reducing or eliminating alcohol from the reception and doing your own decorations. It is possible to throw a very beautiful and memorable budget wedding reception, but it all starts with the creativity and willingness of the bride and groom to think outside the box. Choosing a location for your Milford wedding reception that is also flexible enough to let you do your own thing is a big bonus.

Reserve Reception Locations in Milford, MA
Once you determine that you want to host your wedding reception at The Crystal Room, make sure to reserve the date right away. Speak with our on-site event coordinator for insider tips on planning a budget wedding reception and check back frequently for more low budget wedding ideas in this blog. Give us a call today at 508-478-7800.