How to Plan a Fun Baby Shower in Southeastern Massachusetts

Baby showers can be a lot of fun, but you need to be creative. If you have attended a few showers, you are aware that there is a distinct pattern to how things usually go. Everyone shows up, brings gifts, brings diapers to enter a raffle contest, weird and unusual games are played, platters of sandwiches are distributed to the guests, a cake is cut and eaten, then everyone goes home. If you want to plan a unique and memorable baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts for a family member or friend, it all starts with the best party venue in Milford at The Crystal Room.

Why Party at a Professional Venue?
There are lots of reasons to start planning a baby shower to be hosted at a professional venue, such as The Crystal Room. If you will be inviting more than a handful of guests, chances are you won’t be very comfortable in someone’s home. Outdoor parties are great, when the weather cooperates, so your best bet is to find a venue that can accommodate all of your guests. You will want to contact the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall in advance to secure the date. You may need to be flexible, especially during wedding season, but make sure to ask about evenings, daytime options and non-weekend days to increase your chances of availability if you are planning the shower at the last minute.

Outside of having more space for the guests, a venue will also have lots of parking, avoiding problems with neighbors or tickets for party goers. Other amenities are often available as well, including audio visual equipment, which can be used to show photos, videos, or play music during the event. Having enough tables or seating for your guests is never a problem when you host your event at the best party venue in Milford. Chairs can be used to set up areas for opening gifts and playing games, while tables can be set up banquet style for a nice brunch or luncheon. A full range of menu options are available to help take care of all the food you will need for your special celebration.

Be Organized
The best way to do everything that you need to do to host the perfect baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts is to be organized. Create a checklist of all the things that you need to do, such as securing the venue, contacting vendors, and ordering a cake, as well as another list of all the things you want to get to make the shower very special. Think outside the traditional format for planning a baby shower and get creative. Spend some time doing searches online for fun ideas, decorations, themes, and other cool things to do at the venue. Speak with the on-site event coordinator to ask for tips in decorating the hall.

Some of the things that you won’t want to overlook can include:

  • invitations – send out as early as you can and ask for RSVPs to do a proper head count
  • create gift registries at two or more stores to give guests options for baby gifts
  • choose a theme and pick out decorations, games, and menu items to match
  • select colors for the party and coordinate with linens and other decorative items
  • pick out some fun games that won’t embarrass the mom-to-be or anyone else
  • think of fun things that guests can do during the party

Recruit Helpers
There are always things that need to be done when planning a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts that require more than one person. Recruit other friends and family members to help you set-up the decorations, clean-up after the event, and to assist in running the games or directing guests to other activities that you want them to participate in during the party. The more people that you have helping you at the best party venue in Milford, the easier the whole event will go.

Take a Tour of The Crystal Room
If you are planning a baby shower and would like to take a tour of our Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our friendly on-site event coordinators. We can help you choose the best space for your party, assist in recommending local vendors, make suggestions for menu ideas, and give you decorating advice for the venue. Call today to schedule a tour or to ask about availability at the best party venue in Milford.