How to Plan a Fun Baby Shower in Southeastern Massachusetts

baby-showerOne of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is in the weeks and months prior to giving birth to or adopting her first child. Baby showers aren’t just for pregnant mommas, but also for women who are becoming mothers in other non-traditional ways. While the party games may differ for a surrogate baby shower, the sentiment and well-wishes of family and friends are quite the same. If you are planning a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts, here are some ideas that will help you plan a fun baby shower that the mother-to-be and guests won’t soon forget.

Step One – Reserve a Party Room
This is one of the most important parts of planning a baby shower. Make sure that you know first and foremost where you will have your party. Consider The Crystal Room, a local Milford party venue that is elegantly designed and recently redecorated to accommodate a wide variety of events, including weddings, receptions, engagement parties, retirement parties, large banquets, charity events and more. There are two sizes of rooms available to help meet your unique needs and accommodate all of your guests.

Step Two – Write Out a Plan
The best way to make sure that you don’t think of anything as you do research and learn how to plan a baby shower is to take notes. Get a notebook that can be used solely for ideas, guest lists, party games, food and beverages, as well as other considerations that must not be forgotten for the special party day. You don’t need to schedule the entire event down to the minute, but it can be helpful to have a schedule so you’ll be able to keep the party moving and make sure to get all of the games, prizes and fun things into the day.

Step Three – Make a Budget
Parties have a way of getting out of hand, and a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts is no exception. When you learn how to plan a baby shower, make sure to include all expenses, such as the cost to reserve a party room, food and beverage, as well as any entertainment or decorations. Speak with The Crystal Room regarding the use of the in-house event planner and catering to help you cut down on expenses and ensure that everything is taken care of at the Milford party venue.

Step Four – Choose a Theme
Do you know if the mother-to-be is having a boy or a girl? Will it be multiples or a single baby? Has there already been a gender reveal party or will that be incorporated into the baby shower? Obvious theme choices include storks, diapers and boy/girl themes with lots of blue and pink. Not so obvious themes could reflect the decor of the baby’s nursery, interests of the parents or just about anything under the sun.

Step Five – Plan Some Games
When people go to a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts or anywhere in the world, they expect to play games. Go online and look up tips for how to plan a baby shower and you will see lots of fun games and ideas that can be incorporated into your plans. Give prizes to your guests for winning the party games to add to the excitement. Gather everyone around and have a good time celebrating the birth of this brand new baby.

Step Six – Make a Guest List
Decide who you want to invite to the baby shower. Make sure that the venue where you will be hosting the party can accommodate everyone on your list. The number of guests on your list should affect everything, including food and beverage, the number of prizes, favors and anything else you will have having or doing at the party.

Step Seven – Consider Throwing a Co-Ed Parties
Why should the moms have all the fun? When you reserve a party room and start making plans at the Milford party venue, consider inviting all of the men to your party as well. Invite the father-to-be, family members, friends, spouses and significant others of any of the other guests on the guest list. If you are having each guest bring a bag of diapers, this is a great way to increase the amount of supplies that will be given to the new baby.

The Crystal Room is a premier venue located in Milford, Massachusetts. We host a variety of parties and events, from formal wedding receptions to casual business gatherings. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to learn more about our venue or to schedule an appointment with our on-site event planner. We can help you learn how to plan a baby shower that will exceed your expectations.