How to Plan a Retirement Party in MA for New Bedford Business

Retirement Party for New Bedford BusinessesOne of the most challenging types of corporate parties to plan is the retirement party. How do you thank someone for investing so much of themselves into your company for so many years? Is it even possible to express your gratitude and appreciation with a single party? If you are wrestling with ideas and trying to find the best approach to hosting a retirement party for a departing employee, then you are already ahead of the game. Sadly, many companies barely recognize a retiring employee with more than a final paycheck and a handshake. If you have a team that goes above and beyond for the success of your business, you need to do better than that.

Planning a retirement party in Massachusetts can be a challenge. The first thing you need to do is to locate a Greater Boston area banquet hall. Do not host your party at the office. Nothing says, “I didn’t put much thought into this” like an office-based party. Consider moving outside the city to a classic party venue, such as The Crystal Room. We have earned a reputation as the best party venue in Milford, providing space for everything from weddings to birthdays, corporate events to graduation parties, and, of course, retirement parties. Our team can help you with strategic planning and staging at our Milford party venue. We have tons of great amenities that you can use for your special event.

Who to Invite?

While you want to thank the departing employee for all of their hard work, you don’t want to go overboard. Depending on the type of business that you do and the size of your company, your guest list could vary widely. The employee should be invited, along with his or her family so that they can share in the festivities. For large companies, the guest list could be limited to staff-only or department-only, along with corporate team members. Smaller companies might be able to get away with inviting the entire office, along with spouses or plus-ones for single folks. Make sure that the Greater Boston area banquet hall can accommodate you and all of your guests, including on-site parking.

Choose a Theme

Every great party has a theme attached to it. There are the obvious “bon voyage” themes that can be used, which are great if the employee has expressed an interest in travel after retirement. Other themes may be used as well, including the employee’s favorite sports team, something having to do with the industry that you work in, or other interests that the person has, such as fishing, boating, or hiking. Generic retirement themes can also work well, depending on the situation. Choose a couple of colors, have a cake made that honors the number of years that the employee spent with the company – maybe even include the company logo. Balloons, decorations, and other party items can all be fit within the theme.

“This is Your Life!”

A lot of companies take office photos at certain events or milestones. Collect photos from family members, co-workers, friends, and anyone else who might have some good pictures of the retiring employee to use at the event. Speak with the Milford party venue about using audio-visual equipment, such as a flat screen or projector screen to put the pictures up during the party. You could even bring in other employees who have already retired or that have relocated to other stores and branches. Invite co-workers to make toasts to the employee and share positive stories and memories about their time working together.

Cater the Event

Speak with the Greater Boston area banquet hall about catering the event. This is an important part of planning a retirement party in Massachusetts. Make sure you choose the best party venue in Milford for your New Bedford business that has all of the amenities and catering options you desire. Work with the on-site event staff at The Crystal Room to choose a banquet or plated menu that will be served to guests. Decide whether you want to serve alcohol or if you simply want to offer a variety of soda pop, bottled water, iced tea, and other non-alcoholic refreshments. If you do choose to serve alcohol, you will need to decide if you want to have an open bar, use drink tickets, or serve a special cocktail in honor of the employee.

Tour Our Facility

The best way to find out if The Crystal Room is the Milford party venue that is right for you is to come by and take a tour. Contact our team at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to get a FREE estimate for our services. Planning a retirement party in Massachusetts does not have to be a big hassle. When you work with the right venue, everything will fall into place. We can connect you with pre-vetted local vendors who can help you include everything you want for your employee’s special day.