How to Plan a Small Ceremony & Wedding Reception in Milford

Planning a Small WeddingOne of the hottest trends in weddings right now is to host a smaller celebration. Instead of inviting hundreds of family members and friends to celebrate your special day, consider only inviting your closest family members and friends for a more intimate ceremony and reception. Utilizing strategic reception staging ideas, couples are able to have the wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune. There are many tips for Massachusetts brides and grooms that you can use to your advantage when you host your wedding reception in Milford, MA. Whether your goal is to have a budget wedding reception or if you just want to have a wedding on a smaller scale, The Crystal Room can help you to achieve your goals.

Creating the Guest List and Making Plans
The first thing you need to do is think about who you would want to share your special day. Parents, grandparents, siblings and close friends. A small wedding should consist of no more than 20-30 guests at most. While some may be a little bit larger or a little bit smaller, this is the basic guideline for a more intimate wedding. Make sure to make the list and contact your desired venue for the ceremony or wedding reception in Milford, MA.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing a smaller guest list, including being able to host both the ceremony and reception at the same location. Check with the venue when you call about reception staging ideas to create a separated area for the ceremony from the dance floor and other activities. Check online to see tips for Massachusetts brides that may help you get all of the vendors, features and activities you want in your budget wedding reception at a fraction of the cost due to your downsized guest list.

Seating Charts, Catering & Favors
Another great bonus to planning a smaller wedding reception in Milford, MA is being able to manage the event without losing your mind. Large weddings can put a lot of strain on a couple, leading to petty arguments about small things. Planning a more intimate affair can be a joy – thinking about where to seat just your closest friends is much easier than having to consider who is having a problem with who.

When it comes to catering and figuring out the cost of your wedding day, most venues charge per person. So if you are limiting your guest list to under 50 – don’t forget to count the bride and the groom – the cost will naturally be lower. What this means is that you don’t have to skip things that you might not have been able to afford otherwise. Go ahead and get that menu upgrade that you really wanted or add-on a photo booth, beverage fountain and any other custom option.

Many couples enjoy putting out little favors for their guests – something representative of the theme for the wedding or in the wedding colors. Other tips for Massachusetts brides planning smaller weddings means that you can provide nicer favors than you might have been able to provide on a budget wedding reception times 200 people, so take some time to consider what you want to do. There are some beautiful favor and reception staging ideas online that go way beyond pastel colored Jordan almonds in colorful tulle-lined boxes.

Other Advantages of Hosting a Small Wedding
In addition to everything else that has been mentioned, when you are planning a ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, MA for a smaller group, you have a lot more options available to you all around. The venue can be more intimate – you could even rent one space for the ceremony and another for the reception at the same facility. You can invest more of your time and budget into truly customizing the event to suit your hopes and dreams for this day, rather than spending your time trying to control wedding planning for such a large group.

You will also get to spend more time one-on-one talking with guests, receiving congratulations, and just chatting about anything and everything. Instead of spreading yourself out between hundreds of well-wishers, many that you don’t even know, you will spend the day with the people who really matter to you the most. You can likely skip the rehearsal dinner and simply host a welcome dinner a day or two before for both families to meet and get some of the awkwardness of first-time introductions out-of-the-way.

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