How to Plan a Surprise Party (Without Totally Screwing It Up)

Surprise Party Planning Near Fall River, MABefore you start shopping around for Greater Boston area party venues or order invitations, you really need to have a game plan when it comes to planning a surprise party. There are a few elements that must be considered before you secure a Milford party venue, like how you will invite everyone without spilling the beans, how to get the guest of honor to the party, and when you want to do it. Planning a surprise party is a real challenge, but once you get it all sorted out and pick a party room in Milford to host it at, everyone will appreciate all of your hard work. However, the first thing you need to learn how to do is to make sure your surprise is not blown.

Keeping the Secret

You will need accomplices to help pull off a surprise party, but you need to choose wisely. Some people can’t help themselves and will talk about it at the wrong time or share details with the wrong people. You need to know who you can trust. The smaller your planning group, the better. Inviting guests can be very difficult. You will want to invite people face-to-face to eliminate the possibility of invitations floating around between family and friends. You don’t want to do it via text or over the phone, as you never know who is also in the room and paying attention. This can be the hardest part of planning a surprise party, so think about how you will do it and don’t slip up.

Securing the Venue

There are a lot of options available for Greater Boston area party venues, but you want something that is not obvious and that no one will suspect. Consider The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. Our party room in Milford has space for you and all of your guests, features on-site parking, and we also have all of the amenities and tech options you could ever want for your party. Tables and chairs, use of linens, and assistance from our on-site event coordinator can help you plan a memorable event for everyone involved. We can help you select a menu or plan a bar, choose a buffet option or offer guests snacks and hors-d’oeuvres. Whatever your ideas, budget or needs, our team can help.

Plan on the Guest’s Arrival

Figuring out how to get the guest to the Milford party venue without spilling the beans can be difficult. You could set up a fake event, such as a baby shower or engagement party for someone else and have them arrive only to be surprised with their own party. You could ask them to come to the venue with you to scout out locations for a different event, but surprise them with all of their friends, family and loved ones inside. You could also just get crazy and blindfold them, drive them out to the location, and surprise them once they arrive. Do searches online and watch videos for some of the creative ways that people have surprised others at birthday parties for ideas.

Make It a Memorable Event

If you go out of your way in planning a surprise party, make sure it is memorable. Decorate the party room in Milford, have a professional cake, and get guests to give toasts or share fun stories about the guest of honor. Consider blowing up a favorite photo of the birthday boy or girl to post up on the wall at the event and decorate using a particular theme or color combination that they will appreciate. Hiring a DJ or live band can be a lot of fun if the person loves to dance or getting a skilled vendor, such as a comedian, magician, juggler or some other type of performer is also a great idea. Make sure to clear any type of performance with the Milford party venue to make sure it is approved and covered by insurance.

That being said, make a huge surprise greeting for the guest of honor when they arrive. You don’t have to shut off all the lights and ask guests to pop out from behind tables, but have an accomplice who is leading the birthday person into the party give you a “heads up” so everyone can be prepared to shout, “Happy Birthday!” when they come in the door. It is a wonderful way to greet them and show them how much they mean to you. That loud and excited greeting, when given in unison by family and friends, will be remembered long after the gifts and decorations are forgotten. It is more than just a sweet gesture, but a true shower of affection and appreciation.

Planning a Surprise Party in the Greater Boston Area?

Consider The Crystal Room as your Milford party venue for a surprise party or other special occasion. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or speak with one of our team members about availability. We know that there are a lot of Boston area party venues to consider in Southeastern Massachusetts, but we feel that The Crystal Room stands out as an excellent venue once you see all of the amenities and party options that are available. Call today to reserve space at our popular party room in Milford, MA.