How to Plan a Sweet Sixteen Party for Teens in Massachusetts

sweet-sixteenOne of the biggest days in a young girl’s life – next only to her wedding day – is her sweet sixteen birthday party. Planning a party of such importance can seem overwhelming with all of the elements that need to be considered in order to create a memorable occasion, but with some basic organization and the help of event coordinators at the party room in Milford, MA where you will be hosting the party, it doesn’t have to be too stressful.

Unlike the TV reality shows that feature sweet sixteen parties for spoiled, rich children with a “sky’s the limit” expense account and well-connected celebrity parents, most families often have modest budgets. So part of your effort to plan a sweet sixteen party should be to figure out how much you have to spend and then plan accordingly. Many Boston area party venues can be rather expensive to rent and parking can be horrible, however moving away from the big city can make a difference.

Getting Started

Your party for teens in Massachusetts doesn’t have to break the bank. Strategies like limiting the number of guests, working with the venue to include catering, lighting and other extra features, can all work to your advantage. From coordinating decorations to ordering a beautiful birthday cake, picking out a theme and hiring entertainment, there are ways to help keep everything organized and under control.

  • CHOOSE the VENUE – Figuring out where you want to host your party should be the first step after determining your budget. Once you know more about the venue, you can start making other plans accordingly. The Crystal Room is the best venue and party room in Milford, MA to plan a sweet sixteen party. There is plenty of space, tons of options and a beautiful party room that was just renovated in 2014. Our in-house event coordinator can help you in your efforts to plan your special day. Contact us at 508-478-7800 to reserve your space as soon as you set a date.
  • PICK a THEME – Every good party starts with a theme. Some of the more popular themes used for a sweet sixteen party for teens in Massachusetts include a princess party with lots of pink, purple and bling; a cartoon, television or movie character; musical themes with a favorite band or singer; seasonal themes like a beach party in the summer or a snow theme in the winter – there are just lots of ideas to choose from for your party. Once you choose a theme, the colors, decorations – even the cake style – can all be easily coordinated to match.
  • MAKE a GUEST LIST – Sit down with your child and create a guest list. When you plan a sweet sixteen party at the local party room in Milford, MA, you will be charged according to the number or guests. The amount of space that you need, favors you need to purchase and other extras for your guests will all be determined by the number of people that you will host at your party for teens in Massachusetts. If your teen picks too many people for the party, ask her to choose a “List A” of must-have guests and a “List-B” of other people she would like to come in case there’s room to add more at a later date.

Begin Strategic Planning

The next phase that you will need to enact when you plan a sweet sixteen party for Boston area party venues, such as The Crystal Room, is to start putting down deposits with vendors. A deposit is needed for the party room, the caterer, the live band or DJ, any other entertainers that you want present, the limo to bring the VIPs to and from the party, the birthday cake, as well as any other outside sources that you are going to hire for the big day. Make sure to start working with these folks as far as you can in advance to make sure you secure their services for the date of the party.

  • SHOP for DECORATIONS – Speak with the event planner at the party room in Milford, MA to learn more about any restrictions on decorating and what, if any, decorations are included. The Crystal Room provides tables, chairs, linens and colored napkins for their wedding receptions, but you should ask about adding these items for your party for teens in Massachusetts, as well as any other specialty features you might want.
  • HIRE the ENTERTAINMENT – Whether you decide to hire a live band, a DJ, an emcee or some other type of entertainment for your special day, make sure to contact them right away to put down a deposit for the date of your party. If your child wants a specific performer that might be in-demand, plan on giving at least six months advance notice of your intent to hire them in order to secure the date.
  • RECORD the EVENT – Consider hiring a photographer and videographer to make sure you don’t miss any of the important moments, from the party girl’s Grand Entrance to opening the gifts, hanging out with friends to blowing out the candles. Consider getting a photo booth for your event as well to collect fun keepsakes of family and friends when you plan a sweet sixteen party.

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If you are interested in hosting a sweet sixteen birthday party or want to rent Boston area party venues for another milestone celebration, consider The Crystal Room. We are the premier event venue and party room in Milford, MA and can accommodate small to large size parties. Call us today at 508-478-7800 to take a tour of our facility or to book your party!