How to Plan a Traditional Wedding & Reception in Milford, MA

Planning a Traditional Wedding in Milford MAYou might think that it’s simple to just decide on a traditional or classic wedding theme. However, if you want to have a ceremony and wedding reception that is truly classic in style and design, there will be a lot of work involved. Organizing the entire event, either with the help of a professional wedding planner or without, can be a very time-consuming and patience-testing affair. However, if you select the right venue for your special day from the reception locations in Milford, MA that best suits your tastes and needs, you can then start choosing a reception menu, purchasing decorations, and allow everything else to fall into place.

Get Organized: Become a List-Maker
When it comes to picking the venue, you may believe that a Boston area banquet hall is your best bet. However, a truly classic or traditional wedding theme will be best suited by thinking outside the box and moving away from the big city. The setting of your special day is important, so you will want to look at locations that will provide the perfect backdrop to sharing your vows, taking your photographs, and making all of the memories that you will reflect back on again and again. This is the place where you will start your life together. Make sure you pick the best venue for your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, MA that you can afford.

Start by making lists. Lists of things you like and lists of things you don’t like. Make a list of colors that you want to incorporate into your special day, including decorations, the cake, bridal party dresses, and anything else that could use a colorful touch. Collect images on Pinterest and mark pages in wedding catalogs or magazines. Gather as much information that will help you paint a picture of what you want your wedding day to be like. This will make everything from selecting flowers to finding reception locations in Milford, MA a breeze. You won’t be overwhelmed at having to make decisions about favors or balk at the idea of choosing a reception menu, when you have at least a basic idea of what you want.

Get Serious: Making the Tough Choices
Once you decide where and when you will be hosting your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, MA, you can begin making all of the other difficult choices. Set a budget outside of what you have already committed to for the location of the ceremony, such as a church, private or public location, as well as the Boston area banquet hall for the reception celebration. Traditional weddings aren’t cheap, but you can find more affordable ways of doing things if you know what you want and have some time to look around and get it at a better price.

Create a guest list. Traditional weddings are typically huge, but you can get away with paring down the guest list to only include close family (no second cousins or great-great aunts) and close friends. You don’t need to invite everyone that you both work with or business associates of your parents. Remember that this is your day. You have a say in who comes to witness your vows and celebrate your new life together. Work together to create this list and don’t allow anyone to bully you into inviting someone who you don’t both agree on inviting.

The Elements of a Traditional Wedding
All of the other details, such as getting the dress, the accessories, the tux, the bridal party attire, the flowers, the cake, the photographer, the DJ or musicians, and of course choosing a reception menu, can all be done once you have the venue, date and guest list out-of-the-way. Those first choices are the cornerstone of everything you will do moving forward. Find out if the reception location in Milford, MA has an on-site event coordinator who will help you with all of the final details. Some brides prefer to work with a professional wedding planner, but even if you do not, the on-site coordinator for the venue can be a big help with finalizing things with vendors and assist with staging your wedding reception in Milford, MA.

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