How to Plan a Truly Unique Wedding Reception Near Dartmouth

Dartmouth Wedding Planner for ReceptionWhen you grow up in Southeastern Massachusetts, it sometimes feels as though everyone is going through the same phase of life at the same time. People that you went to high school with are all getting engaged, married, and having babies, sometimes resulting in three or four big summer weddings all within the space of a month. If you don’t want your wedding reception near Dartmouth to simply be more “white noise” amid all of the other classic or traditional celebrations this year, consider planning something more unique. There are a lot of rules when it comes to planning a wedding, and there are a lot of traditions for reception decorations in Massachusetts, but the truth is that it is your special day and you can do anything you want to make it your own.

Choose the Venue

Dartmouth reception planning should start by choosing a venue where the ceremony and reception will take place. Make sure to find a facility that will be able to handle the number of guests that you anticipate and that has all of the amenities that you desire. Consider hosting a Milford wedding reception at The Crystal Room, providing your guests with a convenient location that features plenty of ample parking and a custom wedding package that will help you get started. Just a minute off the I-495, The Crystal Room can be used for both the ceremony and reception or as a well-appointed venue for hosting the reception after you get married at the family church, local park, or other location.

Schedule a tour of the facility so you can make sure that the venue is right for your needs. Meet with the on-site event coordinator to go over your ideas and make sure that they will work at this facility. Your wedding reception near Dartmouth should incorporate all of the wedding activities that you desire, along with all of the primary elements that your guests require to have a great time celebrating your marriage. As soon as you decide on a venue, put down a deposit right away to secure the date. If you are getting married in the spring or summer, remember that this is “wedding season” in New England, so the sooner you can make a reservation, the better.

How to Stand Out

The next step is to think about how you want to do your Milford wedding reception different from all of the other weddings you have attended in the past couple of years. You can still incorporate traditional attire, food, and activities, but just add in a few new quirky ideas that are all your own. People will take notice and remember your wedding reception near Dartmouth simply because it is different. The best way to choose a way to stand out is to think about your interests, the things that identify you as a couple, and figure out how they could be worked into the ceremony and Dartmouth reception planning.

Some ideas that might inspire you include:

  • select unique entertainment – forget DJs, emcees, and live bands and think about something truly spectacular and different that will excite and entertain your guests
  • pick a theme for your wedding that reflects your interests, hobbies, culture or religion and put a new twist on it that no one has ever seen before
  • create secret memories with each other, your bridal party, and special family members that will make it even more meaningful to everyone involved
  • add a specialty dessert table or presentation that really stands out and goes along with your theme; consider hiring unique vendors who can go above and beyond
  • buck tradition and make choices that reflect your interests – wear comfortable wedding attire, footwear, or hairstyles instead of going “all out” with formalwear
  • design interactive ways for guests to be involved in the wedding celebration – photo booths are nice, but consider adding a bounce house for grownups, provide lightsabers instead of rice for the “going away” ceremony, and unique favors

Work With the Venue

The best way to achieve all of these great ideas and pull them off with ease is to work with the Milford wedding reception venue. Our team can assist you in vetting and hiring vendors who specialize in the treats, entertainment, extras, and reception decorations in Massachusetts that you want to include on your special day. With many years of experience coordinating everything from weddings to corporate events, our professional consultants can help you make the best choices for your wedding reception near Dartmouth. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour, speak with an event coordinator, or to check on availability for all of your Greater Dartmouth reception planning needs.