How to Plan a Wedding Reception in New England on a Budget

Believe it or not, it is possible to have the beautiful wedding of your dreams even if you have to plan a budget wedding reception. There are a lot of great tips available that will help you with reception staging ideas designed to maximize the look and impact of your decorations, while not overwhelming the wedding reception activities that you have planned. The first step is to choose a venue that is already well-designed and versatile to help meet your needs. The less you need to do in the way of decorations when planning a reception in New England, the less you will need to spend on decorating the hall.

Make sure to work with the (included) on-site coordinator at The Crystal Room before you make any hard and fast decisions about decor. Ask about any included items, such as linens, tablecloths, centerpieces, and lighting, as well as any in-house options that may run you a lot less than outside rentals or vendors. Take advantage of all the options that are included in the Custom Wedding Package at the venue to help reduce your costs for decorating and hosting your budget wedding reception. Cake cutting services, champagne toasts for all your guests, cake enhancements, and elegant table numbers are just some of the included items at our Milford, MA venue.

Start at the Top
When most people think about decorations for a wedding reception, they usually think about decorating the guest tables, the wedding party table, the table for the cake, and the table for the gifts. However, the best place to start decorating is at the top – the ceiling, that is. Speak with the venue about planning a reception in New England that includes decorations up high. Fabric draped from the ceiling, either in the wedding colors or in a sheer opaque hue that will add a beautiful touch during all the dancing and celebration, is a great way to go. You can add white mini lights or use the existing venue uplighting options for even more dazzling effects.

Other options for decorations from on high include suspended paper lanterns, streamers and even mini bouquets of flowers. Just make sure that the venue is good with this type of decoration and that you choose items that will really reflect the overall theme of the wedding reception activities and celebration. A budget wedding reception doesn’t have to look like it was done on a budget if you know how to use what you have to your advantage to create stunning reception staging ideas and decorations.

Unique Seating Assignments
When you create the seating assignments for your guests, thinking outside the box and create a unique display to help guests find their seats. You can put a bulletin board at the entrance of the reception area that is decorated in the same theme and style as the invitations and other wedding reception decor. Table numbers should be bold and easy to see, yet still designed to enhance the experience and not look like number cards at the DMV. You want to paint a beautiful picture when choosing reception staging ideas and making sure that guests are able to find their seats is a great way to start.

Some ideas for signage and assignments include:

  • chalkboard
  • hand-painted wood
  • caligraphy
  • custom designed monograms

Photography as Decoration
There are two ways that you can use photography as part of the decoration for your budget wedding reception in Milford, MA. One way is to get photos of the bride, groom, and family members and use the them to create a beautiful wall of memories. This is a great place to put photos of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who have passed on, yet hold a special place in the bride’s or groom’s heart. It is also a great place to include family members who could not attend, such as military personnel, missionaries or others who were unable to make the trip back home to Massachusetts.

The second way is to create a decorated space that doubles as a photo opportunity. Include elements of the wedding theme and make a colorful, textured spot that will be inviting to guests and members of the wedding party who want to take pictures. This space can become an excellent focal point and is a great place to put things that you want people to take notice of, such as the sweetheart table, the cake table, the guest book table, and just about anything else. Once the wedding reception activities are complete, the table can be moved out of the way and lighting can be added to help make the space even more inviting for photos.

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