How to Plan an Affordable Wedding Reception in New England

affordable-wedding-receptionWhen you start thinking about when and where to host your wedding ceremony and reception, it can be overwhelming when you start thinking about all the details like hiring a DJ, picking out a cake, shopping for a dress and picking a theme for reception decorations in Massachusetts. There are many couples today who choose to spend less on their wedding day and more on a honeymoon or down payment on a house. As a result, it is possible to find lots of great tips on planning a reception in New England that won’t break the bank.

For weddings in the South Coast region, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and as far east as Cape Cod, it is possible to stage a wedding reception at a local facility that will work within your budget. If your goal is to stay local, then look no further than The Crystal Room for a beautiful, yet affordable, Milford wedding reception. Choosing the right location is half the battle. Once you have decided on a venue, you can finish making the rest of your plans.

Tip #1 – Small Town Wedding and Reception
Big cities are really over-rated. Anyone can have a wedding and reception in Boston at a large and popular venue, but then guests will have to deal with all the parking issues, the traffic on the drive in and all of the high priced hotels if they are coming in from out of town. Consider a smaller town venue when planning a reception in New England. Milford isn’t exactly a one-horse town, but it is a lot easier to navigate than a big South Coast city. The Crystal Room is located just a minute off the I-495 and has lots of ample parking, making it more convenient for you and your guests.

Tip #2 – Be Flexible on Wedding Dates
Everyone wants to be a June bride or stage a wedding reception in New England in the fall. Break the mold and choose a date that means something to you as a couple that is in a month where there are less weddings going on. Not only will you have more options with regard to the date you get to choose, but you could also save money on the venue if it is during a slow season. Start planning your affordable Milford wedding reception right and contact The Crystal Room to find out if there are any dates that might cost less than others and start from there. You can also save on cakes, vendor services and more during the off season.

Tip #3 – Be Flexible on the Day of the Week
Another little known option for planning a reception in New England is to choose a wedding day that is any day other than Saturday. Friday is the number two most popular wedding day, followed by Sunday as number three. Planning your wedding anywhere between Monday and Thursday, excluding holiday days, can help you to save and also find more availability.

Tip #4 – Be Flexible on the Time of Day
Another way to host a more affordable Milford wedding reception is to be flexible about the time of day. Most reception hall rentals are about four hours long, so why not book your wedding in the morning and have a daytime reception? Ideas for reception decorations in Massachusetts can even reflect the time of day as opposed to the lights, candles and other nighttime type decorations that many brides use. Host a breakfast or brunch instead of a dinner and you could even save on menu choices as well.

Tip #5 – Ceremony and Reception at One Location
You can reduce costs by hosting your ceremony and wedding reception at the same venue. No fee for the church and the hall – just one price for the package. No costs for limos to transport you and the wedding party back and forth across town. No reception decorations in Massachusetts for two locations. No rental of a bridal room at two venues – the list of savings just goes on and on.

Tip #6 – Save on the Cake
Another great way to reduce your costs is to order a cake and not a “wedding” cake for your special day. The difference could be as much as hundreds of dollars in costs. A regular cake is priced much lower than the exact same cake that is called a “wedding” cake by the customer and the bakery. Choose a theme for your cake instead of going through wedding cake catalogs and ideas, such as your wedding colors or flowers, and just order a large cake for a “family gathering” instead. Have a wedding party or family member pick up the cake for you instead of having it delivered to save on delivery and set-up fees or extra fees once they realize it is for a wedding.

Tip #7 – Do Your Own Decorations
Why hire a wedding planner to do your decorations? Work with the event planning staff at The Crystal Room to coordinate everything else, but speak with the manager about the type of decorations allowed at the venue and take care of reception decorations in Massachusetts for yourself. There are tons of great tips online about how to stage a wedding reception for the cake cutting, toasts, bouquet throwing and everything else, so start planning the decorative items for these special areas ahead of time and get great deals as seasonal sales crop up for your wedding colors and theme.

Tip #8 – Skip the Flowers as Decorations
One way that people often over-spend is in having too many flowers when planning a reception in New England. Indulge in real flowers for the bride and possibly flowers for the wedding party, mother of the bride and mother of the groom, but go faux flowers for everything else or choose centerpieces and other decor that are “outside of the box” instead of stuck in the traditional floral theme. You can use silk flowers as accents to pretty lanterns, candles and hand-made centerpieces without blowing up your budget.

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