How to Plan an Engagement Party for Fancy New England Wedding

engagement-party-planningNow that you are engaged to be married, it’s time to start a lot of party planning. In addition to planning the ceremony and wedding reception, you will also need to start making plans for your engagement party. While you will likely contact close friends and family members in person to tell them about your engagement, it is a good idea to plan a party for celebrating with extended family members and friends. If it is your goal to host a fancy New England wedding, an engagement party is a great way to set the tone for a big and festive event.

Choosing a Reception Hall
One big advantage of hosting an engagement party is getting the opportunity to tour local reception halls to find the best party venue in Milford. You just might be able to find the best place to host your wedding reception as you go around choosing a reception hall for your engagement party. Speak with the on-site event coordinator at the facility to find out about availability for your chosen wedding date. The sooner you can start scouting around for a party venue to host your engagement party, the sooner you can secure a spot for your fancy New England wedding ceremony and reception.

Decorating for Your Engagement Party
If you have already chosen a theme for your wedding, you can incorporate that theme into your engagement party. Choose from seasonal wedding colors for linens, flowers and centerpieces or speak with the best party venue in Milford for information on included or optional decorative items that might be available through the venue. Some facilities offer basic linens and centerpieces as part of the package, so it can be really helpful to cut down on time and money spent for the engagement party.

Select a Menu for Your Event
When you choose to host your engagement party at The Crystal Room, you should work with the on-site event coordinator to also plan your menu. There is a wide selection of on-site catering options available for you to choose from that will complement the type of party that you are throwing. Whether you are choosing selections based upon your upcoming fancy New England wedding or if you are doing something more simple and understated for the engagement party, our team can help you pick out everything you need to have a great event.

Choose Your Guest List Carefully
When you start making more plans for your engagement party after choosing a reception hall, it is important to select your guest list carefully. Make sure you don’t leave anyone out that you will want to invite to your wedding and that you don’t invite someone that you won’t be inviting to the wedding. It’s just kind of rude to invite someone to celebrate your engagement but not invite them to the big day. On the other hand, excluding someone from the engagement party, but expecting them to show up for the big day is also pretty rude. Choose your guest invites in seasonal wedding colors or your wedding theme to carry the idea for your big day throughout the entire celebration. Whether you have a small, mid-sized or super-sized engagement party, it’s the small details that can often matter the most.

Hiring Vendors for Your Party
In addition to planning a nice dinner for your engagement celebration, consider other vendors that you might want to hire. What about a DJ or a band so you can dance the night away with family and friends? Or maybe a baker who can make you a nice congratulatory engagement cake? What about a photographer or a videographer who can record the special event, and even well-wishes from family and friends? Think about all of the things that you would like to include in the announcement of your fancy New England wedding and incorporate them into your party.

Take a Tour of The Crystal Room
Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of the facilities at The Crystal Room and see why we are the best party venue in Milford for your engagement celebration, wedding ceremony and reception. We have all of the amenities that you could require, making it easy for couples in choosing a reception hall to host their special party. Call today to reserve your space or to speak with one of our on-site event coordinators.