How to Plan Your Own Milford, MA Wedding Like a Professional

Plan Your Own Wedding Like a ProIt can cost thousands of dollars to hire a professional wedding planner, but because you live in the digital age of Pinterest, Google and YouTube, you have a huge advantage over brides from just a few years ago. If it is your dream to plan a classic wedding reception to celebrate your special day, you really can do it on your own just by getting some tips from other couples who have already tied the knot. From ceremony tips to local Milford reception staging ideas, traditional wedding reception activities to modern celebration ideas, there is no limit to the plans that you can make for your big event at our Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall.

Tip #1 – Create a Budget
The first step before you even look at a dress or visit a venue, is to set a budget. How much do you have in savings? How much will parents or grandparents kick in? How much can you charge on a credit card or take out on a loan? However you plan to finance your wedding day, make sure that you get it all figured out before you sign any contracts or spend a dime on invitations. Weddings can be very costly, so it pays to look at budget guides online and get an idea of what things cost. Create a “must have” list and a “wish” list of things you want to include. Once you get your “must have” list checked off, you can add extras if you still have money in your budget.

Tip #2 – Get Organized
You can purchase paper-based wedding planner books at wedding stores or online. You can also get wedding organization apps for your smartphone. Whatever method works best for you, make sure you also have a folder that you can easily take with you that has room to put contracts, receipts, estimates and more as you navigate your way through planning your classic wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. Create a timeline for yourself of everything that needs to be done – purchasing the flowers, putting a deposit on the cake, reserving the venue, going in for fittings – the more organized you are with checklists and timelines, the easier it will be to stay on track.

Tip #3 – Make Important Choices Early
The most important decisions that must be made as early as possible are regarding the venue, the guest list, the wedding date, and the theme. Once you take care of these details, everything else will fall into place. Choosing the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall where you will host your reception will help you to plan other things, such as wedding reception activities and even Milford reception staging ideas. Take a tour, work with the on-site event coordinator, and take advantage of all the free extras that they provide. When you choose the theme, you can start purchasing decorations and working with the venue on lighting and other arrangements. Once you have the guest list, you can start getting catering quotes to find out how much it will cost per-person so you can make informed menu selections and commitments. Once the guest list and date are set, after you reserve the space at the venue, you can start preparing to send out the invitations.

Tip #4 – Hire Vendors
Chances are the venue will have a list of pre-approved vendors for you to choose from that are already vetted and have solid reputations for reliability. If you have a special vendor that you want to work with, contact the classic wedding reception venue to find out what you need to do to get them approved. Insurance, references and licensing information are standard requirements. Vendors include bands and DJs, decorating services, florists, wedding cake bakers and other outside services. Check with the venue to find out what services are available in-house that might come at a discount or save you time and trouble of tracking down vendors on your own. Limousine services, bartenders, caterers and more, are available through our Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall.

Tip #5 – Remember the Purpose of the Day
So many couples get lost in planning wedding reception activities or plotting out Milford reception staging ideas, that they forget the real purpose of the event itself. Take time to spend together, going for lunches or weekends in advance of the wedding, that have nothing to do with wedding planning. Focus on your relationship, your plans for the future, and discussing the things that you both want the most for your special day. Write your own vows, get each other a special memory gift to mark the occasion, and plan time into the day’s schedule that gives you time alone.

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