How to Save Money on Wedding Reception Decor in Massachusetts

saving-moneyIt can be overwhelming for couples the moment that they begin to look at wedding reception decorations and consider reception staging ideas. Not only does that stir up all the butterflies of excitement that come with planning a wedding, but it can also be quite stressful when it comes to working with a budget.

Once you choose the location of your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, you can start thinking about the decorations. Investing in the rental of a facility that is designed well and classically decorated can help alleviate some of the panic associated with choosing wedding reception decorations.

Old buildings that have torn carpet and smell like stale cigarette smoke won’t look (or smell) any better no matter how many bows, flowers and streamers you add. When considering wedding reception locations near Pawtucket in the South Coast area, consider The Crystal Room. Located conveniently in Milford, The Crystal Room is just a minute off the I-495, making it easy for your guests to find. Tons of parking and a recently renovated ballroom and complete facility make The Crystal Room an easy choice for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts.

How to Save Money on Flowers
When considering your reception staging ideas, begin to think about where you would like to have flowers. Many couples choose to have floral centerpieces on the guest tables, flowers at the bridal party table and flowers adorning the cake, gift and registrar tables as part of their overall wedding reception decorations.

One way to save money on flowers for use at wedding reception locations near Pawtucket is to choose blooms that are in-season and local. Casual weddings can benefit from local wildflowers and seasonal flowers add a touch of class to any reception, regardless of the theme. Speak with the wedding planner at The Crystal Room about optional centerpieces that can be rented instead of purchasing something you’ll only use once.

How to Save Money on Lighting
Some couples choose to bring in special lighting for the event to use for dancing, highlighting special activities or to set the overall mood. Consider using homemade candle centerpieces on guest tables. Speak with the professional planner at The Crystal Room about colorful ambient lighting that can be coordinated with your theme as an extra option for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts.

Battery-operated twinkle lights, LED candles, party lights and other items can also be purchased or rented for use during your wedding reception. Just make sure to consider all of your reception staging ideas first and think about where lights would be most advantageous before buying or renting a bunch of lighting.

How to Save Money on Food
One of the best things about hosting your reception at The Crystal Room is that food and beverage options are included with the venue rental. Choose from a variety of menu choices for a complete four course menu. This will help you save both time and money on chasing down a caterer, getting bids and determining whether or not the vendor would be available on your special day.

You can also get your wedding cake through The Crystal Room or you can purchase it elsewhere. Many couples are now using their cake as part of the wedding reception decorations and are choosing theme oriented cake designs to coordinate with their plans for wedding reception locations near Pawtucket and the surrounding South Coast area.

How to Save Money on Favors
There are lots of great resources that you can go to that will help you make your own favors. Favors are generally set out on the guest tables or are in a basket for guests to take in a location determined by your unique reception staging ideas. They can also be part of the wedding reception decorations as beautiful tokens designed to reflect the wedding theme.

Check online for guides on how to make favors or speak with craft experts at your local craft stores for ideas. There are sometimes even classes available on making favors that can help you create a memorable gift for your guests. Favors don’t have to be expensive or complicated, but the time you put into making them will be appreciated.

Think Outside the Box
When choosing wedding reception decorations and making reception staging ideas for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, take a moment to think “outside the box” and be creative. You can purchase wedding reception decorations at special stores, but you can also find great items at craft stores, party stores and other discount shops to help save money. When in doubt make two lists for your reception: the “must have” list of things you can’t do without and the “nice to have” list of things you want to include if there is enough money left after the “must have” items are purchased.

To find out more about wedding reception locations near Pawtucket in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, contact The Crystal Room in Milford. Our beautifully designed and conveniently located venue is an excellent place to have small or large receptions. Choose a budget package or add extra options to help create the wedding reception of your dreams. Give us a call today at 508-478-7800 to check on availability or to get an estimate on our wedding reception facility and services.