How to Stage a Classic Wedding Reception at Boston Area Hall

There’s nothing quite like a traditional wedding that includes all of the predictable reception activities and features that one would expect. With so many modern interpretations of weddings these days, it can be refreshing to visit a local Boston area banquet hall and attend a classic wedding reception that includes cake cutting, bouquet tossing, and the father-daughter dance. Choosing a reception hall can be a big project, involving multiple tours, many questions, and a pros and cons list or two. Once you have selected the place where you will be hosting your wedding celebration from the reception locations in Milford, MA, you can begin the process of planning and stage your reception to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Step One: Organize Your Plans

If you are naturally organized, then this will be your favorite part of the process. However, if the idea of organization makes you break out in a cold sweat, the chances are good that this is a crucial step. If you need the assistance of a wedding planner, make sure you hire someone early in the process. A truly classic wedding reception includes lots of special elements, the use of outside vendors, and a good working relationship with the venue. One way to get organized is to use a binder. Not one of those adorable folders you will see at the bridal shops, but a big, heavy duty binder that has lots of space to keep everything you will need.

Some of the things you will want to build and create include:

  • a contact sheet of every single vendor, venue contact, family members, wedding party members, officiant, and anyone else that will be involved in the actual wedding
  • checklist of everything that you will need to bring to the ceremony and reception locations, as well as who will be responsible for making sure it gets there
  • timeline listing everything you need to do, who needs to be there or get it done, when everything will happen, and where everything needs to be
  • vendor contracts and any notes that you have made regarding contact
  • menu and beverage list, venue information for the Boston area banquet hall, seating plans, and anything else for the reception locations in Milford, MA
  • playlist for the DJ or live band, along with any special songs
  • layout for florals and other decorations for your classic wedding reception, including details on cake table, gift table, guest book table, and any other special areas

Step Two: Create a Plan B

When choosing a reception hall, make sure to ask the venue about backup opportunities. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, you will want to know if there is an indoor option in case of bad weather. You will also want to find out what your options are in case something much larger goes wrong and you have to delay your wedding, change the time, or be flexible in any other way. Wedding insurance is a good idea, especially if you are planning a large and expensive classic wedding reception. Back-up plans for everything from lost playlists to missing DJs, shy flower girls or ring bearers to smashed wedding cakes should be arranged ahead of time. You don’t want to be in a panic on your wedding day.

Step Three: Consider Hiring a Stage Manager

If you don’t hire a wedding planner to assist with details from start to finish, at least consider hiring a professional wedding stage manager. They can help you to set up stations, chairs, and make sure that vendors show up and do what they have been hired to do. You don’t want to put all of this on parents, friends, or be running around the Boston area banquet hall yourself on the morning of your wedding. The stage manager can help coordinate everything from the rehearsal with the wedding party and parents the night before to contacting vendors to make sure they don’t forget an essential ingredient for your special day.

Step Four: Collect Good Advice

While you are making your plans for a classic wedding reception, start taking notes and collecting advice from every professional that you work with along the way. Ask the baker for tips on cutting the wedding cake. Go over your shot list with the photographer and ask about the best time of day for specific photos and locations. Ask a friend to write down all of the gifts and the name of the gifter as you and your new spouse open gifts after the wedding. Commit to writing and sending thank-you notes immediately after the wedding. Try out wedding hairstyles and makeup at least a month in advance and get tips on how to properly remove special hair-dos and makeup so you won’t be frustrated with anything on your wedding night. Get tips from the dressmaker on how to guide your groom into helping you get out of that beautiful gown.

Choosing a Reception Hall in Southeastern Massachusetts

If you are looking for a Boston area banquet hall to host your classic wedding reception, look no further than The Crystal Room. You might not immediately consider searching for reception locations in Milford, MA, but The Crystal Room is a beautifully designed venue with plenty of ample parking and tons of well-planned amenities that will help you to host a lovely and memorable wedding celebration. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility or to speak with our on-site event coordinator to find out about availability.